Interior Design Basics For Your Home

Whenever designing the interior or exterior of a home, there’s a lot of knowledge and expertise involved. Usually an architect and interior designers are the ones that have all the know how when it comes to these things. However, you don’t have to be a professional to bring a little more order or expressivity to your personal spaces.

Here are some interior design basics.

First, balance. There are three kinds: radial, symmetrical, and assymetrical.

Symmetrical is the balance we all know – everything is the same on one side as on the other. IF you put a plant next to a chair, for example, you’d have to put another plant on the other side for it to be symmetrically balanced.

Asymmetrical balance means that things of a similar weight or size are placed opposite each other. This would be placing a small statue as a bookend, and a small vase of the same size or texture on the other end of the books.

Radial symmetry would be when everything radiates from the center. For example, a spiral staircase.

Second, rhythm. The room is boring if there’s no rhythm. Rhythm is repitition. You can hang up three of the same size pictures in a row. Rhythm is progression. Varying the height of the candles on your place from tallest to smallest is an example. Rhythm is transition. This is guiding the eye with an arched doorway for example, or a garden path that winds. Rhythm is also contrast. If your entire living room is decorated with white, have a few colored pillows or flowers that coordinate.

Third, details. Paying attention to details is also key. Make sure that your colors do go well together – ALL of your colors. Color also effects our moods, thus it’s important to be conscious of what feelings and emotions we’re trying to get across with our décor.

Food Shopping Budgeting

Keeping a home in order involves the obvious things like using luxury interior design companies, making sure it’s safe with fire alarms and good wiring and other big tasks. Where a lot of people tend to go wrong however, is with the smaller tasks, one of the most notable being food shopping and food budgeting.

Going to the store and throwing whatever looks good into your cart is never a good idea. Firstly, you’ll end up not using a lot of what you buy since they don’t fit into any specific recipes for the ingredients you have. Secondly, you’ll have to go back to the store almost each day to get the missing ingredients for whatever meal you decide to have. How do you avoid this? You avoid this by planning your meals at least a week in advance and ideally a month in advance. By knowing what you’re going to eat every day, you can easily stick to a budget and lose weight by making sure the meals are a good balance of healthy and occasional indulgence. Try not to go to the grocery store more than once a week, instead buy everything you need for the week in one trip. If you’re really ambitious and you have a big freezer and fridge, you could even buy everything you need for the month in one go. This is a great way to make sure you don’t spend the money meant for your food on anything else during the month.

Budget to include a few healthy snacks as well. This is for those midnight cravings. Without this, you might dip into food that is meant for another day and throw your entire meal plan and budget off track. Planning for this is the best way to go.

Hire the Best Interior Design Firm

Are you serious about making your home look gorgeous? Or maybe you have a high end business and you want to spruce up the way your offices are looking? In these situations, you can go about things in two different ways. You can either come up with the overarching themes and the precise decoration steps yourself. You will have to buy the furniture and then you will have to set things up on your own. Sure, you can get help to do the heavy lifting, but the ideas and the staging of everything has to come from you.

Now some people really like doing those things. But if you have more of a conceptual idea of what you want, but you do not really know how you are going to get it done, you may want to hire an interior design firm such as Lawrence Mayer. They will be able to help you out in a really big way. They can talk you through everything and they can let you know what you are going to be doing. It is really a great way to get the whole process done, and we think it will help you out in a big way.

So if you are serious about getting some design upgrades for your home or office, and you want a firm to handle all the details, talking with an interior design company makes sense. So set up an appointment and go meet them at your earliest convenience. You can talk with them in detail about what you want, and you can get some idea about how they approach the matter. You can see if the two sides are a fit for each other. You will either feel like they are the right ones to handle your project, or you can find some other firm!