What To Do With Your Yard?

There are so many options for landscaping and planning your yard. What kind of space do you want it to be? Do you need hillside landscaping in Monaca PA? Maybe you just want it to be easy to care for. And, if you have kids, a great option to consider is making a children’s garden.

If you have kids, you’ll want them to be outside learning and playing, not indoors glued to the TV. So, what can you do to make an outdoor space welcoming for them?

First, make sure you give them a place to dig and create. A sand box! From sand castles to mountains, to making prints in the sand, or just digging around, sandboxes are fantastic. It’s cheap to build with old railroad ties or a little wood. Not expensive at all.

Consider making a space to play sports. A half basketball court, a mini golf course, or just put up volleyball net. Things to play on, like swings or a slide are also always welcome. And, little houses or cabins can also be constructed very inexpensively.

You may also consider putting in birdhouses or birdbaths. Children love to see nature, and will learn to respect it. Putting a sun dial in can also help them to learn to tell time and be more interested in science and the workings of nature. You could include telescopes.

On the more costly end, little fountains or waterfalls or even a little pond with goldfish is always entertaining for children.

And as far as plants, what plants are the safest? Avoid any plant that has spines, like cactus or rose bushes. Softer grasses that won’t cut should be planted, and of course any plant that is poisonous when eaten should be avoided – with kids you never know!