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BMWi Supports Development of Automatic Passenger Counting on Edge Devices

Munich, Germany - The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is granting the Isarsoft GmbH funding for the development of a smartphone app for automatic passenger counting in public transport vehicles using AI.

Challenges specific to the development in vehicles will be addressed in the innovation project, such as ensuring a constant data connection and the necessary steps for deployment on mobile devices. The efforts will primarily be aimed at training an efficient neural network and offering a good end user experience.

The application will be available in app stores, will come at lower cost than currently available solutions and will offer deeper analysis through the use of AI, while ensuring data protection through image processing directly on the device.

The grant of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.

For more information regarding the grant and the development, please contact moc.tfosrasi@ofni.

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