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Why Isarsoft

Isarsoft turns cameras into smart sensors providing people counting, crowd awareness and traffic analytics. The core focus is about delivering insights to reduce process friction, bottlenecks and shortcomings and instead increase service quality, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Inspired by the human ability to see and perceive, we develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) video analytics software for use-cases outside of controlled production environments.

We believe most analytics can be obtained from security cameras. Through the use of AI there is no need for manual counting or expensive dedicated sensors such as 3D sensors. By using utilizing standard security cameras as a data source, large-scale projects can be carried out comparatively fast and cost efficient.

In comparison to simulations which are based on in-advance assumptions, Isarsoft solutions produce highly accurate live data. Due to the realtime processing capability, actions to changing circumstances can be taken immediately.

Cameras are already installed in many places, such as shops, malls, train stations, airports, highways. Isarsoft provides people counting, crowd awareness and traffic analytics solutions to increase their value.

3 Reasons Why to Try Isarsoft

Although we encourage you to read the full article the following 3 points are the gist of it.

  • 1
    Better Decisions
    Important decisions should be made on the foundation of accurate data. Providing people counting, crowd awareness and traffic analytics Isarsoft solutions reduce process friction, bottlenecks and shortcomings and instead increase service quality, profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • 2
    Reduce Costs
    Cameras are often already installed for security reasons. Isarsoft solutions dock-on to existing camera-infrastructure and deliver valuable insights 24/7 at a fraction of the cost. For new installations of cameras we partner with camera manufacturers to provide on-camera analytics.
  • 3
    Faster Actions
    As a large organization automated, well-designed processes are key to sustainable success. With AI video analytics alarms and event triggers help you to respond quickly to challenges in your business.

Request a free demo of the Isarsoft video analytics solutions today by contacting our sales team: moc.tfosrasi@selas.


Isarsoft develops video analytics solutions that add measurable value to your business.

  • 1
    Standalone solutions for people counting, crowd awareness and traffic analytics
  • 2
    Drag-and-Drop configuration of analytics applications
  • 3
    Meaningful data visualization from cameras which help to reduce process friction, bottlenecks and shortcomings and instead increase service quality, profitability and customer satisfaction
  • 4
    Powerful query builder: Identify microscopic and macroscopic trends from data
  • 5
    Tagging system: Drill-down and aggregate information from multiple cameras and applications
  • 6
    Data export through CSV Tables
  • 7
    Integration with external IT-Systems and Apps through the Isarsoft GraphQL-API and Python and Java SDKs
  • 8
    Automatically trigger alarms and relays within cameras and video management solutions
  • 9
    Integration with major video management solutions
  • 10
    Privacy by design: Isarsoft solutions do not store any personal data.

That's not all. We continuously add new features. Stay tuned for updates.


Isarsoft solutions beat manual counting not only in terms of data quality and availability but also through lower price. In industrialized countries high wages for surveys cause high costs for manual counting.

Most dedicated sensors are more expensive then security cameras by significant margin. Especially when cameras are already installed Isarsoft solutions reduce the cost of analytics up to a factor of 10, providing similar accuracy and insights.


Isarsoft provides solutions for all computation levels:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

The on-camera applications are available on selected cameras by our camera partners. The advantage of this approach is that the video streams are directly processed where they are produced - on the camera.

The on-premise approach has the advantage that any cameras, including existing ones, can be used.

The cloud is characterized by the fact that no separate servers have to be operated.

Data Protection & Privacy

Isarsoft solutions are entirely developed and thoroughly tested in Germany. Implementing highest privacy and security guidelines and regulations of the European Union.

Oskar Haller
Oskar HallerCEO & Co-founder

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