Reasons for IsarAnalytics

Works across devices
Supports the visualization that you need
Aggregates data over time and combines it with position information
Tailored for your needs
Can be run on a local machine or executed in the cloud

Features of IsarAnalytics

Making use of latest technologies within Deep Learning and Machine Learning we can provide you better insights to your data.

Neural net visualization

No matter if table, diagram or graphic with IsarAnalytics you get the most out of your data.

Get insights on whether your investments are paying off and your business assumptions were correct.

All relevant information in compact form, visualized intuitively.

Wordcloud Deep Learning

IsarAnalytics - For public transport

Overview across different subway lines

U1 Overview: 6.00 o'clock
U1 Overview: 6.00 o'clock
U2 Overview: 6.00 o'clock
U2 Overview: 6.00 o'clock

Overview subway line U1 - Intraday

U1 Overview: 6.00 o'clock
U1 Overview: 6.00 o'clock
U1 Overview: 8.00 o'clock
U1 Overview: 8.00 o'clock

Monitor utilization of trains, subways and busses

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Notice: The data displayed in the graphs above is randomly generated