Features of IsarSense

No new hardware required, cameras are often already installed
Uses artificial intelligence for accurate results
Can detect objects from 90 categories natively - more are coming
Object detection in realtime, even for 40 camera streams
Tailored for your needs
Can be run on a local machine
Can be executed in the cloud

IsarSense - For public transport

The trend of urbanization challenges city planners all around the globe. High population growth rates within cities impose challenges on transportation systems, housing and living conditions. One way to tackle the issues of traffic jams and pollution is to strengthen public transport.

Often public transport companies have to investigate traffic flow through expensive surveys. Manually asking passengers about departure and destination.

With IsarSense we enable public transport firms to measure traffic flow in realtime.

Object Classification in Trainstation

IsarSense can evaluate up to 40 camera streams easily on a single pc.

This allows us to do the computation inside the vehicle.

The PC than sends the aggregated information about the passengers to the train companies' server. This has the advantage that less data has to be sent.

Among many other object categories Isarsense can currently detect persons, animals like dogs and bicycles.

For the future it should be possible to distinguish between women and men and also estimate the age of the passengers.

In addition to trains, subways, trams and buses, IsarSense can also be used at stops and stations to see if additional security guards are needed.

IsarSense for Traffic Monitoring inside Bus

IsarSense - For shops

As a shopping mall, shop or supermarket, it is essential to know where customers go and how many customers are inside the shop.

IsarSense can help to get this information.

Object Classification in Shopping Mall

With IsarSense you can monitor how many customers enter and leave your shop.

IsarSense also enables you to analyze which areas of your shop or shoping mall are visited most frequently.

We are working on providing you with information about the age and gender of your customers.

Customer Monitoring in Shops - Overview