People Counting

High accuracy people counting for applications such as occupancy monitoring, managed cleaning and intrusion alarms

Crowd Counting

Counting of large crowds with a single camera for event management, crowd security and performance measurements

Traffic Analytics

High accuracy multi-modal, multi-lane traffic analytics for city-, highway-, and construction planning

The Philosophy behind all we do

low latency, high accuracy, meaningful data

On-Camera & Edge Applications

Isarsoft on-camera and edge applications analyse video streams directly where they are produced. This decentralized, IoT approach saves network bandwidth, has little power consumption and is highly fault resistent.

Applications for Data Centers

Analyzing any IP-Camera with powerful Isarsoft servers in a local, on-premise data center. No installation of additional hardware in the field required.

Managed Cloud Applications & Containers

Stream your video data to a cloud for data processing without any devices. Isarsoft provides managed cloud services and containers readily available at your fingertips for high scalability online video analytics.

Got Questions?

Our #1 core value is customer service.
Contact our sales team under moc.tfosrasi@selas or give them a call 24263512 98 94+.

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