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Accurate video analytics solution for your business

Smart Cameras

Isarsoft turns any camera into a sophisticated smart sensor. Counting passengers, monitoring conversion rates or measuring traffic in cities: with only a few clicks your camera starts collecting relevant business insights in realtime.

Reliable Data

Visualize and analyze your data in an intuitive manner that fits your use case. Increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and sales with a solid data foundation for strategic decisions.

Cost Reduction

Save money by avoiding expensive manual counting. Instead use your existing camera infrastructure to automate the process and benefit from the ever increasing capabilities of modern video analytics.

Easy Deployment

Isarsoft provides a full software solution without any additional hardware requirements in the field. If your business already has cameras installed, deploying Isarsoft comes with little to no additional effort regarding installation.

Accurate Analytics

Isarsoft leverages machine learning and computer vision algorithms to gain valuable information from video data. If not already covered, solutions can be extended for your specific use case.

Solved by Isarsoft

Public Transportation

Isarsoft uses security cameras in vehicles and stations to provide accurate passenger counting data as a basis for optimized schedules, estimated revenue, maintenance planning and staff deployment. This benefits both operators and passengers of public transportation.

Traffic and City Planning

To manage the increasing demand for mobility in modern cities, city planning departments need accurate measurements of traffic - including pedestrians and bicycles. Isarsoft provides the relevant data, helps to optimize usage of the current capacities and is basis for design and evaluation of future infrastructure changes.


From parking to boarding, from check-in to shopping, from restaurants to restrooms. Isarsoft provides the data basis to create pleasant customer journeys, schedule cleaning services and evaluate business decisions.

Shopping & Outlet Centers

Understanding customer behavior is key in creating a pleasant shopping experience. Measure conversion rates, compare movement of customers through different areas, increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Arenas & Events

Creating pleasant memories that last. Evaluate and improve security concepts in real-time with accurate person and crowd counting for large scale event management.


Analyze visitor pathways and obtain insights about booth and hall level visit frequency.


Benefit from the capabilities of modern video analytics solutions and turn your existing in-store security cameras into smart sensors. Find out which areas of the store are visited most frequently, how long your waiting queues are and measure your conversion rates.


Improve store efficiency, measure conversion rates from service counters to self service areas and compare dwell times between different locations.

Petrol Stations

Increase cross-sales by targeting your customers with tailored products and services based on their vehicle type and compare and benchmark branches.

Scalable Solutions

Isarsoft solutions scale with the number of analyzed cameras and can be deployed on small computational nodes in the field, dedicated servers on premise or a managed cloud service.

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