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Traffic Monitoring

The trend of urbanization challenges city planners all around the globe. High population growth rates within cities impose challenges on transportation systems, housing and living conditions. One way to tackle the issues of traffic jams and pollution is to strengthen public transport.

Often public transport companies have to investigate traffic flow through expensive surveys. Manually asking passengers about departure and destination.

With IsarSense we enable public transport firms to measure traffic flow in realtime.

Object Classification in Trainstation

Customer Monitoring

As a shopping mall, shop or supermarket, it is essential to know where customers go and how many customers are inside the shop.

IsarSense helps to get this information.

Object Classification in Shopping Mall


Data analysis

Making use of latest technologies within Deep Learning and Machine Learning we can provide you better insights to your data.

Neural net visualization

Meaningful statistics, graphics and charts

No matter if table, diagram or graphic with IsarAnalytics you get the most out of your data.

Get insights on whether your investments are paying off and your business assumptions were correct.

All relevant information in compact form, visualized intuitively.

Wordcloud Deep Learning