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AI in video surveillance

AI in Video Surveillance

Access relevant insights into the scope of AI in video surveillance, and learn more about many applications, techniques, and benefits that AI has made possible in the world of video surveillance and analytics.

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City with digital net

Urban Data Platforms | Best Practices for Urban Data in Smart Cities

This article provides an overview of urban data, which encompasses the collection and analysis of information related to cities and urban environments. It emphasizes the importance of urban data for urban planning, policy-making, and quality of life improvements and also discusses examples of urban data. The concept of smart cities, which utilize technology and data-driven solutions for enhanced living conditions, is also explained

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Airport customer experience at the boarding gate

Enhancing the Customer Experience for Airport Passengers: The Isarsoft Guide

Airports witness thousands, at the very least, of passengers on a regular basis. It is important that the customer experience be streamlined in order to allow for a fast-moving system. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the customer experience at an airport - and how Isarsoft Perception can be used to enhance it.

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City with network of signs in the sky

Smart City Strategy | The Foundation of Every Smart City

The article discusses the concept of a Smart City and the importance of having a Smart City Strategy. Smart Cities aim to create efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly urban environments. The article highlights examples and Isarsoft Perception is suggested for data analysis in Smart Cities.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Retail

AI in Retail

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and retail, if combined, can generate results that simplify and automate many existing processes in the industry, while helping business owners maximize profit. In this article, we conduct an exploration of AI in retail - uses, benefits, and impacts - and highlight how it can be best put to use.

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Plane, trucks with port and map in the background

AI in Transportation

AI in transportation is essential for optimizing operations and improving efficiency by enhanced decision-making. It enables companies to optimize resources and minimize costs. AI also enhances risk management and safety by monitoring real-time data and providing insights. The risks of AI must be taken into account, which is why a responsible approach is necessary.

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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in vehicular traffic

AI in Traffic Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a wide scope of application and can be used to make measurable impact in the creation of smart traffic systems. In this article, we explore how AI can be used to enhance traffic efficiency, its many benefits, and how it set to expand in the future.

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4 Minutes

Smart Queue Management - the Definitive Guide

This article provides valuable insights into the significance of queue management with its impact on customer satisfaction and revenue. The concept of real-time monitoring is explained as part of Isarsofts approach for a smart queue management system to optimize the flow of people through queues. The article discusses different strategies for queue management and areas of application as well as the disadvantages of queue management.

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Mall with detection boxes

Isarsoft Perception for Smart Retail

In this article, the main focus is on systems that enhance the efficiency of this business sector. Various features can improve the marketing strategies and intern planning process for a better customer experience.

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Foot traffic in a shopping mall

Foot Traffic Analytics & Data: The Isarsoft Guide

People counting is not just limited to the counting of people, but also extends to the consequent analysis of footfall to base business decisions on. In this article, we explore the subject thoroughly and examine a specific case to better understand Isarsoft Perception's foot traffic-related features.

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Man in empty check-in hall

AI in Airports

This article summarizes the role of AI at airports, and how it improves operational efficiency, enhances safety and the passenger experience. AI enables intelligent decision-making, personalized experiences, and cost savings due to optimized resource planning. Lastly, this article includes the possible risks and how they should be handled.

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Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Integrates with Isarsoft

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Integration

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub is now available for integration and marks another possibility of managing multiple devices and innovative IoT applications together with Isarsoft Perception.

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Crowded train station

Tackling Overcrowding with Video Analytics: A Smart Solution for Public Transport

This article explains how overcrowding occurs, highlights the negative consequences of it in public transportation, points out the options either for prevention or measures against overcrowding, and addresses how Isarsoft Perception can be a smart solution.

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Smart cities in 2023

Smart Cities in 2023: Through a Video Analytics Lens

Smart cities are broadly recognised as zones or areas that employ modern technologies in order to enhance the life of their inhabitants. A smart city will usually have a tech-based planning system that encompasses all aspects of daily life. In this article, we take a look at smart cities in 2023 and how video analytics tools such as Isarsoft Perception play a significant role.

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Family in supermarket

Customer Engagement Analytics & Data Guide

This article is about the engagement businesses have with their customers and the associated data collection, analysis, and interpretation of customer data to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interactions, enabling businesses to optimize their strategies, personalize experiences, and foster meaningful engagement with customers.

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A retail store, and how KPIs influence the measurement of performance.

Performance Measurement in Retail - Top 10 KPIs for Every Retail Business

An effective measurement of performance in retail is a combination of the right tools and the right metrics. In this article, we outline the top 10 KPIs used to conduct retail-oriented performance analysis, and why.

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A busy road

Measuring Traffic Speed: How does Video Analytics help?

The measurement of traffic speed in a consistent, reliable manner is one of Isarsoft Perception's many features. In this article, we discuss how the software does it and the relevance of video analytics in the domain itself.

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Video-analytics based Parking Guidance, via Isarsoft Perception.

Smart Parking Lots: A Guide to Video Analytics-based Parking Facilities and Guidance Systems

A deep dive into smart parking facilities, and how Isarsoft Perception helps users optimize parking lots to their full potential.

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Isarsoft Genetec Integration

Genetec Security Center Integration

Genetec Security Center now seamlessly integrates with the advanced video analytics capabilities of Isarsoft Perception

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Performance Measurement in Airports - Top 10 KPIs for Every Airport

Performance in airports can be measured in many ways. One of the most effective, is to curate a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and use them as the primary basis for performance analysis. In this article, we discuss the top 10 KPIs for an airport.

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Traffic Detection via Isarsoft Perception.

Performance Measurement in Road Traffic - Top 10 KPIs for Every Traffic Planner

The analysis of road traffic is made easier when traffic planners use carefully chosen, systematic indicators to assess overall performance. In this article, we take a look at the world of traffic and which KPIs are likely to rank at the top for planners.

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Loss Prevention (LP) in the retail sector

Loss Prevention in Retail and how Video Analytics can help

An important aspect of retail security is loss prevention. In this article, we discuss what it means, how it can be implemented and how video analytics simplifies security for retailers.

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Crowd Counting Application in Isarsoft Perception

How to Create a Crowd Count Application

Isarsoft Perception offers users a suite of applications catering to specific analytics needs. In this article, we discuss the Crows Count application: the features it encapsulates, how it can be used and why it is an important fixture in Isarsoft's repertoire.

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The Object Count Application, in Isarsoft Perception.

How to Create an Object Count Application in Isarsoft Perception

Isarsoft Perception offers users a suite of applications catering to specific analytics needs. In this article, we discuss the Object Count application: the features it encapsulates, how it can be used and why it is an important fixture in Isarsoft's repertoire.

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Public place with people

How Video Analytics Improves Physical Security

The safety regulations for public places, to maintain the level of safety, are extensive for many reasons. Read this article to find out why Isarsoft Perception is the best solution and learn more about the different alarms.

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Smart Intersections

Top 5 Reasons why Smart Intersections are Crucial for Traffic Control

The use of smart technology in traffic systems has grown and evolved. In this article, we delve deeper into a fascinating feature changing the face of intelligent traffic control: smart intersections.

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4 Minutes

Three Problems of Retail That Could Get Solved by Video Analytics

The competition in the retail market is increasing, like in any other market. Read this article to learn more about its origin, the problems of retail and our solutions for it.

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Dwell time Map of Isarsoft Perception

Dwell Time Measurement in Traffic Counting

This article explains Dwell Time Measurement by Isarsoft Perception for Traffic Counting and its benefits for short and long-term changes

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Crowding in the airport

People Counting: The Definitive Guide

The counting of people has changed and developed over the years. This article traces the evolution, talks about the rise of people counting technology, and explains how Isarsoft Perception counts people.

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Isarsoft Perception visualizes people flow in train stations.

How to Visualize People Flow in Train Stations

Isarsoft Perception has extensive functionality in the domain of train stations. It offers a set of video analytics-based visualization to users in order to assess, analyze and optimize train stations better.

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Different kinds of visualizations with visualization bar in the middle

Visualizations in Isarsoft Perception

This blog post explains the various Visualizations of Applications and their benefits

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Ski slope

How Video Analytics Can Be Used in Winter Destinations

Winter destinations are exciting, lovely and can present quite the challenge when it comes to navigable terrain. This article is about the challenges they present and why it is beneficial to use video analytics.

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Anomaly Detection at Train Stations using Video Analytics

Anomaly Detection in Train Stations using Video Analytics

Isarsoft Perceptions performs anomaly detection in order to help establish safer, more efficient systems in train stations.

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Isarsoft x Milestone

How to Integrate Milestone XProtect with Isarsoft Perception

Learn how to integrate Milestone XProtect with Isarsoft Perception.

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Isarsoft Logo and chartboard with arrow

How to Create an Object Flow Application in Isarsoft Perception

Learn how to create an Object Flow application in Isarsoft Perception and add lines and zones to it.

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Graph of transfer from VMS to Isarsoft

How to Integrate Video Management Systems (VMS) with Isarsoft Perception

Learn what a Video Management System (VMS) is and how Isarsoft Perception can be integrated with leading VMS.

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Graph of transfer from Isarsoft to a Cloud

How to Send Metadata From Isarsoft Perception to the Cloud or Third-Party Systems

This article explains what the Isarsoft Perception Cloud Connector is, how it works and why it is beneficial to use it when connecting to cloud or third-party systems.

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Logo of Isarsoft and AWS

How to Send Metadata From Isarsoft Perception to AWS via Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

This article is a guide on how to send data from Isarsoft Perception to AWS via Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

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Logo of Isarsoft and MQTT

How to Send Metadata From Isarsoft Perception via MQTT

This article is a guide on how to integrate Isarsoft Perception via MQTT.

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Logo of Isarsoft and Qognify

How to Integrate Qognify VMS with Isarsoft Perception

Learn how to integrate Qognify VMS with Isarsoft Perception.

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Crowded platform of a train station.

Infrastructure Planning and Expansion in Train Stations using Video Analytics

Infrastructure planning and expansion are instrumental to the smooth functioning of railway stations.

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Aerial view of a highway.

Georeferencing: How Isarsoft Perception enables Location and Speed Tracking via Video Analytics

Isarsoft Perception employs georeferencing in order to provide an user automatic, live data-enabled insights about location and speed.

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Bicycle lane in park

The European Green Deal, Its Objectives and the Need for Video Analytics

The EU is working on measures to combat climate change, some massive changes need to be done, especially in the area of ​​mobility. We elaborate on how video analytics becomes an integral part to the solution.

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How to achieve Energy Optimization using Video Analytics

How to achieve Energy Optimization using Video Analytics

Video Analytics can be used to optimize energy consumption in a variety of arenas. The adoption of smart technology is quickly witnessing a rise, in order to realize energy efficiency goals.

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Blurry train

How Video Analytics Helps Evaluating and Implementing New Public Transport Pricing Models

New pricing models for public transport are being adopted, owing to increased urbanization and digitization. In Germany a cheaper alternative was tested this summer. In this post we demonstrate the positive impact Isarsoft Perception could have for public transport.

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How to Create an Alarm in Isarsoft Perception

How to Create an Alarm in Isarsoft Perception

This tutorial explains the creation of an alarms in Isarsoft Perception.

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Isarsoft Perception Microsoft Excel Integration

How to Export Data From Isarsoft Perception to Microsoft Excel

A simple tutorial on how to export data from Isarsoft Perception to Microsoft Excel with just a few clicks.

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Video Analytics

The Increasing Relevance of Video Analytics

Video analytics has gained distinction over the past few years. With a tech-scape that is constantly innovating and improving, it is now very feasible to make use of data-driven analytics in order to ease strategic planning, obtain accurate KPIs and improve security.

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Edge Deployment using Isarsoft Perception.

Video Analytics on the Edge

Edge computing essentially refers to a phenomenon that allows the processing of data to happen at a location that is closer to where it is being collected.

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Traffic and pedestrian/cyclist detection, using Isarsoft Perception.

Road Safety in Germany: A Changing Perspective

The Federal Government’s Road Safety Programme 2021-2030 outlines the measures that the government wishes to implement to improve safety on Germany’s roads, by the year 2030.

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Isarsoft Perception uses security cameras for data collection in order to gather insights about carbon emissions.

Using AI to Fight Climate Change

With the steady advent evolution of technology, environmentalists have taken to adopting smart technologies to curb climate change.

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How to create a camera

How to Create a Camera in Isarsoft Perception

A simple tutorial on how to create a camera in Isarsoft Perception with just a few clicks.

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Traffic analysis with video analytics

Traffic Analysis With Video Analytics

With multimodal transport concepts gaining ground and autonomous driving on the horizon, people's mobility behavior is currently changing faster than ever before.

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People counting

People Counting

Learn more about what people-counting is, what different solutions to people counting exist and why there is a need for automated people counting.

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Automatic passenger counting systems in busses

Automatic Passenger Counting Systems in Busses

As one of the safest road vehicles, buses are highly relevant to mobility. Buses cover various functions depending on their type.

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Automatic passenger counting systems - an overview

Automatic Passenger Counting Systems - An Overview

This article provides an overview of which different types of automatic passenger counting systems exist. The strengths and weaknesses of the individual approaches are examined.

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3 reasons for Isarsoft Video Analytics

3 Reasons for Isarsoft Video Analytics

Inspired by the human ability to see and perceive, Isarsoft develops AI-based video analytics software for use cases outside controlled production environments.

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Public transport fleet utilization and fleet management

Public Transport Fleet Utilization and Fleet Management

Measuring the utilization of a fleet of vehicles is difficult, but essential for scheduling.

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