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Dwell Time Measurement in Traffic Counting

This article explains Dwell Time Measurement by Isarsoft Perception for Traffic Counting and its benefits for short and long-term changes


February 3, 2023

Dwell time Map of Isarsoft Perception

What is Dwell Time Measurement?

Dwell time measurement is a key metric to understand the performance of traffic flow measures. This feature is used to measure the time it takes to leave a certain point, for example how long the waiting time at an intersection is. Therefore this metrics helps to assess how efficiently congestion are managed.

Dwell time measurement is an important KPI of Isarsoft Perception, because in addition to determine congestion other variables such as road conditions, the efficacy of existing infrastructure and occupancy are made measurable.

What is Traffic Counting?

Traffic counting is part of object counting, but like the name says it is specific for traffic. Traffic does not only mean cars and other vehicles like trucks or buses but also bicycles and pedestrians.

Traffic counting entails counting all the objects which are chosen in the step “Model Variant” of the application creating process.

Isarsoft Perception counts what is visible for the camera, and thereby, builds a database specifically applicable to traffic-related scenarios. With our object counting software, worthy information is generated by accurate data of the utilization of a facility or area. Data like frequency of use, dwell time, and amount of objects that entered the recorded region. All these options give information that is important for businesses to plan efficiently and make data-based decisions.


An application is the centerpiece of Isarsoft Perception, analysis is not possible to make without an application. To create an application a camera has to be implemented before, watch our video to learn more about this process. To get precise results of just one lane, for example, a zone must be created. Objects can also be counted on the basis of exit/enter numerical, by the creation of a line.

In the Application Overview, cameras are displayed as detection.


A detection is a visualization which anonymizes the selected objects by displaying a blurring box on the object. Each object class has its own colour of the box frame that is beneficial to differentiate certain objects classes, each object has its own identification number that is located at the top right corner.

The boxes adapt to the height and width of the object. If an object leaves the recorded area and enters it again the object gets a new identification number, because the software is not able to recognize it. The fact that Isarsoft Perception is not enabled to recognize it, is one of the factors why it is GDPR compliant, because the video stream is processed locally and deleted within seconds. 


A visualization is a mode in which the application can be displayed, Isarsoft Perception offers six different visualizations, each of them provides different benefits, read our article about visualizations.

Detection- different boxes for different object classes

Benefits of Dwell Time Measurement

Dwell time measurement is a simple way to improve the flow of traffic by recognizing the utilization of the streets. Through analyzing the collected data of the traffic, infrastructure can be improved but changes can also be made in the short term. That not only increases the efficiency but also improves the safety of all road users.

Preventing Traffic jams with Video Analytics

Short term improvements include the prevention of traffic jams by regulating traffic lights. The cameras that are installed on the traffic lights can be used for the dwell time measurement. These cameras have the right angle to monitor the street and thus traffic jams can be analyzed. To regulate traffic at an intersection efficiently the cameras have to be synchronized, so dwell time can be detected in all directions.

Traffic jams not only emerge by mistimed traffic lights, unusual objects on the road like animals and people can be detected by either higher dwell time, lower speed or a set alarm. By detecting these objects soon and removing them, traffic jams can be prevented. 

Optimizing Infrastructure with Data of Video Analytics

To improve the problems of infrastructure, its effects have to be measurable, that is what Isarsoft Perception does. Problems of the traffic infrastructure, for example, are missing signs or wrong road guidance.

Problems often get visible by lower speed of road users, this can be detected with dwell time measurement but as well with the setting Velocity. When the effects of an anomaly get visible in the data, planners can start doing their work. 

Video Analytics Alarms

Alarms, as mentioned previously, are necessary for the safety of road users and enable good traffic flow as well. With different alarm conditions, users of Isarsoft Perception get a great insight into happenings without active participation. Possible conditions are Entering, Leaving, Count Sum and Dwell Time. The last two are beneficial for traffic jam prevention and traffic flow. 

The alarm conditions Entering and Leaving are life saving, by creating this alarm you choose the object classes that are allowed on the street. When a not chosen object enters the zone or crosses the line the alarm that has been made in the application, is triggered. 

More about Isarsoft

With Isarsoft Perception, your camera systems become part of your business intelligence. Whether the goal is to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction or safety, Isarsoft Perception provides the insights needed for informed decisions.

The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

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