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We Make Every Camera Count

Isarsoft Perception Features

Improve business processes and workflows with video-based business intelligence.
Explore which Features are supported by Isarsoft Perception.


Obtain Alarms about critical events such as overcrowding, background change or intrusion.

Anonymization and Redaction

Anonymize and redact sensitive information in video streams.

Automatic number-plate recognition

Automatically capture license plates of vehicles.

BI, Third-Party and Cloud Integration

Integrate Isarsoft Perception into Business Intelligence, third-party or cloud applications through the Graph-QL API, the Pyhton SDK, the MQTT or AWS-Kinesis adapter.

Behavior Recognition

Get notified about abnormal behavior patterns and incidents such as increased crowd movement and traffic accidents.

Bicycle Counting

Count Bicycles, Cyclists and other traffic participants with Isarsoft Perception to determine modal split.

Crowd Monitoring

Estimate the size of large and dense crowds with the Crowd Count Application.


Isarsoft Perception is accessible through a browser based Dashboard, which is simple to use.

Dwell Time Measurement

Measure dwell time of people, vehicles and objects with the Object Flow Application.

Edge and On-Prem Deployments

Deploy on small edge or server devices without internet connection.


Locate people, vehicles and objects on a map.

Group Detection

Obtain information about groups of people and objects.


Obtain visual and aggregated information about movement, dwell-time and speed of people, vehicles and objects with the Object Flow Application.

Luggage Monitoring

Monitor luggage and baggage with Isarsoft Perception to obtain unattended luggage alarms.

Microsoft Excel Export

Export measurements to Microsoft Excel with the click of a button.

Occupancy Monitoring

Obtain occupancy data of a defined area or multiple areas.

On Board Video Analytics

Isarsoft Perception can be deployed on board in trains, trams and busses with certification requirements such as EN50155.

Parking Space Monitoring

Measure the use of parking lots by counting in and outflow or by monitoring available parking spots directly.

People Counting

Count people flow over a virtual counting line with the Isarsoft Perception Object Flow Application.

Queue Monitoring

Monitor queue length, waiting time and processing time per customer with the Isarsoft Perception Object Flow Application.

Real Time KPIs

Obtain meaningful business process information and KPIs in real time.

Real Time Object Detection

Detect objects from over 10 categories in real time in video streams.

Real Time Object Flow

Obtain trajectories from people, vehicles and objects in image or GPS coordinates in real time.

Road Traffic Flow Monitoring

Measure traffic flow in 8 vehicle categories with Isarsoft Perception Object Flow Application.

Speed Measurement

Measure speed of people, vehicles and objects through the Georeferencing Feature.

Tampering Detection

Get notified when a camera is being tampered by being covered, defocused, redirected or sprayed.

Train Detection

Monitor the movement of trains in train stations to build powerful train detection systems.

User Management

Provide granular access to sensitive information.

VMS Integration

Integrate your video analytics seamlessly into your existing Video Management System.

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