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Rund um die Uhr Daten sammeln. Auswerten. Optimieren.

Video analytics for logstics proviers

Use the full potential of the camera systems in your logistics. Isarsoft Perception video analysis add value for planning, operation and security.

Accurate data for strategic planning

Operational process optimization

Data-based security management


Why Logistics Providers choose Video Analytics?

For logistics providers, efficiently managing warehouse and transport processes is crucial for smooth operations. Leading logistics providers are progressively adopting video analytics to optimize planning, enhance operational efficiency, and increase physical security.


Video analytics provides detailed information about operational capacities and bottlenecks to enhance planning and forecasting.


Video analytics increases operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by loading dock management and route optimization.


Video analytics provides real time alerts to identify suspicious behaviors and prevent thievery.

Trusted by leading train station operators

Video Intelligence - scalable, in real-Time.

Isarsoft Perception impresses with reliability, ease of use and a wide range of integrations.

Automatic anonymization

Isarsoft Perception automatically anonymizes camera streams.

GDPR compliance

Isarsoft Perception complies with all relevant privacy policies.

Live processing

Cameras are evaluated in real time and KPIs are provided immediately.

Information Security

Regular internal and external controls ensure a high level of information security.

Seamless integration

Isarsoft Perception offers a wide range of integrations with VMS and Bi systems.

High acccuracy

Isarsoft Perception delivers data you can rely on.

Optimize your business processes.

Improve business processes with video-based business intelligence from Isarsoft.