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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Isarsoft Perception.

What is Isarsoft Perception?

Isarsoft Perception video analytics turns any camera into a smart sensor.
Supported features include:

  • People Flow Analytics
  • Traffic Flow Analytics
  • Crowd Analytics

Isarsoft Perception can capture occupancy, line-counting, trajectories, dwell time, velocities, geolocation, alarms and much more.

Why should I use Isarsoft Perception?

Whether the goal is to make better decisions, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction or harden security - Isarsoft Perception real-time video analysis adds value for planning, operation and security.

Who uses Isarsoft Perception?

Isarsoft Perception is used by corporations and institutions worldwide in over 1.000 installations.

Is Isarsoft Perception privacy compliant?

Isarsoft Perception complies with relevant privacy policies such as the GDPR.

Is Isarsoft Perception secure?

Isarsoft Perception implements state of the art information security measures and has been successfully deployed in corporate IT environments.

Is Isarsoft Perception compatible with existing camera systems?

Isarsoft Perception is compatible with all major security cameras and leading video management systems (VMS).

How can fisheye cameras be used with Isarsoft Perception?

Fisheye cameras which support on-camera dewarping can be used similar to regular cameras. Depending on the dewarping configuration of the camera, two or four streams are available for further processing.

Does Isarsoft Perception support thermal cameras?

Thermal cameras are typically used for fire detection, intrusion detection and road traffic analysis. Isarsoft Perception does not yet support thermal cameras. However, Isarsoft Perception delivers good results with regular security cameras at day and night either through available light sources or infrared light emitted by the security camera.

How long does it usually take from purchase to start of operation?

It typically takes 4-8 weeks from purchase to start of operation.

Where is the data processed and is an internet connection required?

Depending on the version, Isarsoft Perception can be installed on cameras, edge and server hardware. Data processing takes place locally and does not require an Internet connection. The collected, anonymous metadata can be transmitted to third-party systems for further processing.

How many cameras can be processed by Isarsoft Perception?

The number of cameras a single server can process depends on the build-in hardware. A high performance server can process over 100 cameras in parallel, realtime. In a multi-server setup several servers can be fused to share the load.

Which object categories are supported by Isarsoft Perception?

Within the application creation the user can choose from different models. The people model supports the detection of persons. The traffic model supports pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans, busses, trucks and heavy-trucks. The transport model supports people, bicycles, luggage, wheelchairs and trains.

Can Isarsoft Perception be connected via LTE or LoRaWAN?

Isarsoft Perception can be installed on rugged edge devices. The data produced by Isarsoft Perception can easily be send through LTE or 5G and with some limitations also via LoRaWAN.

How much data is produced by Isarsoft Perception?

Isarsoft Perception transforms video data into metadata. The amount of data produced by Isarsoft Perception depends on how many cameras are being processed and which analytical features are activated through the configuration.

How can Isarsoft Perception be connected to other systems?

Isarsoft Perception is build for maximum connectivity. Other systems can seamlessly and securely be connected with Isarsoft Perception through the GraphQL API, the Python SDK or Isarsoft Perception Cloud Connector. A complete overview is available on the integrations page.

What is the pricing model for Isarsoft Perception?

Isarsoft Perception is available in three different tiers: Starter, Advanced and Enterprise. Contact us to learn more.

How to get support?

Isarsoft, as well as our qualified partners and integrators, are glad to support you from conception to implementation and operation. Reach out to us via the contact page.