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24/7 Daten Sammeln. Auswerten. Optimieren.

The solution for your airport.

Optimized planning and security for airports.

Queue management for shorter dwell times

Better customer experience through people flow analysis

Video analysis for holistic security

Automated processes are within reach.

For smooth travel, high safety and optimal management. Made possible by technological progress.

29.83 billion

USD invested by Europe in airport infrastructure in 2019.

By 2037

the number of four billion passengers per year will double worldwide.


less Co2 emissions from aviation than in 2000, according to EU plans.

Video Intelligence - scalable, in real-Time.

Isarsoft Perception impresses with reliability, ease of use and a wide range of integrations.

Automatic anonymization

Isarsoft Perception automatically anonymizes camera streams.

GDPR compliance

Isarsoft Perception complies with all relevant privacy policies.

Live processing

Cameras are evaluated in real time and KPIs are provided immediately.

Information Security

Regular internal and external controls ensure a high level of information security.

Seamless integration

Isarsoft Perception offers a wide range of integrations with VMS and BI systems.

High accuracy

Isarsoft Perception delivers analyses you can rely on.

Optimize your business processes.

Improve business processes with video-based business intelligence from Isarsoft.