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Latest Case Studies

Isarsoft Perception enhances loading dock management productivity.

How Can Loading Dock Management Be Enhanced With Isarsoft Perception?

In an increasingly globalized world, efficiently running transport and logistics systems are the key to the success of businesses. In this case study, we will explore how Isarsoft Perception effectively addresses logistical challenges through an analysis of twenty cameras successfully deployed in a warehouse in Canada.

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Airport Parking Lot in Jackson Hole

Case Study: Smart Parking

A location-based case study about how Isarsoft Perception can be used to regulate parking and traffic-oriented activities in and around an airport parking lot.

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Barbed fencing around the perimeter of an airport

Perimeter Protection in Airports: How Isarsoft Perception uses Video Analytics to enhance Safety

Airports and airport runways are safety-critical zones, subject to rapid movement made by people, machines, and vehicles. In cases of flight loading, boarding, and disembarkation, there are certain zones that are marked classified or prohibited for purposes of security enforcement. This is where the concept of perimeter protection comes in. In this article, we conduct an examination of how Isarsoft Perception enforces perimeter protection norms in airports.

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Blured lines of car lights on highway

Traffic Flow Measurement and Optimization in 2023

A guide to Traffic Flow Measurement and Optimization in 2023 - what the terms embody, its various benefits, and changes in the field over the past year.

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Traffic Flow Analysis using Heat Maps

Using Heat Maps to analyze Traffic Flow: The Isarsoft Approach

Isarsoft Perception offers users access to a range of heat maps, which can be used to analyze and assess the flow of traffic. Here's how.

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A city in the night time.

Road Traffic and Parking Lot Analysis

The movement to create smart, sustainable cities is well underway in Germany. This involves the implementation of video analytics to collect data and utilize it to track and detect trends, aberrations and general updates.

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A train station.

How does Isarsoft Perception measure and monitor occupancy using heat maps?

A brief overview of Isarsoft's Perception occupancy monitoring feature, in the context of a train station.

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Isarsoft Perception detects unidentified or misplaced luggage at the airport.

Luggage Detection and Analysis: Airport Operations by Isarsoft Perception

Isarsoft Perception caters to baggage detection, identification and analysis with the help of AI-enabled smart technology.

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An airport queue.

Queue Management at Airports: How Isarsoft Perception improves Passenger Experience

Isarsoft Perception tackles the issue of overly long queues at airports, with an intelligent queue management system that operates on the basis of passenger flow and quick KPI collection.

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Isarsoft Perception detecting individual people in a queue, to aid the process of queue management.

Isarsoft Perception for Smart Airports

The Isarsoft Perception suite of video analytics applications delivers precise data for better optimization, mobility planning and passenger experiences.

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Crowd counting with Isarsoft Perception at a train station.

Isarsoft Perception for Smart Train Stations

The railway system in Germany is the foundation of local and regional public transportation systems.

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Successful piloting with Stadtwerke Münster

Success Story Stadtwerke Münster

Stadtwerke Münster is piloting a solution developed jointly with Isarsoft to optimize traffic flow and parking search traffic.

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Automatic passenger counting in public transport with cameras and intelligent software for better operational processes and planning security - AIPaC

Project AIPaC

Automatic passenger counting in public transport with cameras and intelligent software for better operational processes and planning security - AIPaC

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Visitor counting for major events

Visitor Counting for Major Events

Sport events, concerts, festivals and large political demonstrations are attended by huge crowds.

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Platform safety

Improving Train Station Platform Safety With Video Analytics

Protecting customers, avoiding crowded platforms, and clearing narrow passages are challenges that public transit providers face every day.

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Automatic passenger counting in trains with cameras

Automatic Passenger Counting in Trains With Cameras

It is the challenge of mobility providers to measure and predict these various long-term and short-term factors and adjust services accordingly.

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