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Case Study: Smart Parking

A location-based case study about how Isarsoft Perception can be used to regulate parking and traffic-oriented activities in and around an airport parking lot.


November 7, 2023

Airport Parking Lot in Jackson Hole



The objective of this case study is to take our readers on an in-depth journey through the uses, challenges, and benefits of video analytics. The context for assessment here is a parking lot - and how video analytics can be used to develop smart parking procedures that aim to streamline driver safety and efficiency.

This case study involves an exploration of the airport parking lot in Jackson Hole, and delves into the assessment of functions such as queue management, vehicle flow analysis, and pedestrian safety. The subject is largely traffic-based, and is curated to display the many ways in which Isarsoft Perception aids active traffic management (ATM).

About Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole in Wyoming is a valley between the two mountain ranges of Gros Ventre and Teton. Regarded as a popular tourist spot with an abundance of natural habitat and terrains to explore, the Jackson Hole Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Wyoming. It is also the only US airport that is located within the premises of a national park.

It is this small valley that shall be the backdrop to our case study today - owing to a few different reasons. Jackson Hole is a popular tourist spot - meaning that it is a good candidate for cities and towns that require video analytics-powered urban planning. Not only does it help regulate traffic, reinforce security norms, and monitor people flow - it can also be used to collect and analyse data consistently - thereby contributing to an accessible database of the town.

For this case study, we have picked a specific spot for analysis - a packed parking lot in the airport.

Case Study: Smart Parking

What is a smart parking lot?

Smart parking is a concept wherein sensors/security cameras are used in conjugation with video analytics software, so that users can have better intel regarding factors like occupancy data, availability, and vacant spaces.

A parking management system (PMS) is used for smart parking lots - it is an operational system that includes functions such as entry control, traffic guidance, occupancy measurement and consequent reporting, etc.

How does Isarsoft Perception facilitate smart parking?

Queue Management

Parking lots are busy places - especially those in or adjacent to shopping malls, stadiums or event halls, and high-rises. And given the steady pace of urbanization across the world, it is hardly a surprise that parking lot management is required to be highly efficient.

One of the ways to regulate traffic flow, as well as monitor the number of vehicles entering and exiting a parking structure is through queue management. What queue management means in the context of parking is - detecting vehicles, and reducing wait times through the measurement of average dwell time. This helps users further streamline the process of entry/exit through extra staff deployment or automation.

A queue management system (QMS) can be additionally integrated with booking and ticketing systems, customer feedback portals, and databases - to improve the customer experience.

Occupancy Measurement

Isarsoft Perception is configured to monitor the occupancy of parking spaces - by means of identifying and detecting vehicles and keeping a running tally. By allowing personnel and planners to get an accurate estimate of the average number of vehicles who park, the software simplifies the planning process - ensuring that factors such as space and accompanying facilities are strategically built.

Occupancy measurement of a parking lot
By creating customizable zones, the occupancy of a parking lot can be measured as and when required.

In the above image, a zone is created at the left end (viewer's perspective) of the parking lot. By setting the object class to 'Car' and the objective to 'New Zone', users can keep a real-time count of the numbers of cars in it - as well as any new additions or departures.

The zone can be modified according to requirement and preference - enlarged, changed in shape by addition of a new point or points, or supplemented with more zones.

Pedestrian Safety

Parking lots and adjacent areas are often subject to high volumes of traffic, making it imperative that proper measures be put in place guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians.

pedestrian safety in parking lot
Pedestrian safety is an important facet of Parking Lot Management

The above image shows a pedestrian crossing the road. Isarsoft Perception detects the person under the object class 'Pedestrian', as he makes his way across the road. Through detecting and identifying pedestrians and other VRUs, the possibility of accidents can be lowered.

Video Tutorial

The above video depicts the parking lot the case study is based in - a parking lot at the airport in Jackson Hole. As can be observed in the video, the user can implement Isarsoft Perception to conduct smart parking operations. These include analyzing vehicle flow, measuring occupancy in the parking lot itself to assess availability, ensuring pedestrian safety, etc.

Parking management is more than just ensuring that the parking process can be smoothly carried out, it also entails additional data-driven insights into the actual flow of traffic and people. Isarsoft Perception combines the consistent data analysis and use case-oriented insights needed to implement an effective smart parking system - and the above video shows just how.

What are the benefits of smart parking?

Reduction of carbon emissions

Vehicular emissions are one of the primary contributors to climate change and global warming. By implementing parking management systems on a widespread level, businesses can cut back on average carbon emissions by a considerable amount.

Through the applied benefits of queue management and occupancy measurement, drivers will be able to access information related to availability or waiting times. Having this information induces conservation of resources (vehicular fuel, in this context).

Optimization of Traffic Flow

Smart parking has the potential to let drivers know where to go. By employing this technique, the vehicle flow in traffic-heavy areas can be optimized. An example of this would the diversion of waiting cars to a nearby parking lot if the one they are waiting at is already full.

This is where smart tech comes in - a software like Isarsoft Perception consistently collects video data to generate actionable insights. In case of no availability, the traffic personnel would immediately be alerted to the situation without delay.

Availability statistics at a parking lot
Availability statistics at a parking lot

Urban Planning

Sustainable urban planning rests on the foundation of smart technology. Smart parking lots contribute to the tapestry of smart cities, that are broadly recognized as zones employing modern technology to drive environmental friendliness.

Through monitoring and assessing parking lot data, planners can unearth insights into infrastructural problems, how to prevent overcrowding, rerouting techniques in case of a traffic bottleneck, etc. Not only are these insights beneficial for traffic management, but also for raising the quality of living for citizens.

More about Isarsoft

With Isarsoft Perception, your camera systems become part of your business intelligence. Whether the goal is to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction or safety, Isarsoft Perception provides the insights needed for informed decisions.

Isarsoft Perception Dashboard
The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

Contact us, to learn more about how to turn security cameras into intelligent sensors.


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