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Smart Queue Management - the Definitive Guide

This article provides valuable insights into the significance of queue management with its impact on customer satisfaction and revenue. The concept of real-time monitoring is explained as part of Isarsofts approach for a smart queue management system to optimize the flow of people through queues. The article discusses different strategies for queue management and areas of application as well as the disadvantages of queue management.


July 27, 2023

4 Minutes

Importance of Queue Management

When long queues emerge the source might be the lack of quantity or even quality of service staff, which can lead to customer frustration, reduced productivity, and even lost revenue. To prevent this kind of scenarios an analysis of the origins and dimensions is necessary. Measuring and subsequently changing the situation queue measurement systems can be a useful tool.

What is Queue Management

Smart Queue Management leverages advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and real-time monitoring, to optimize the flow of people through queues. Queue Management can consists of different components.

Strategies of Management

Queue Length Management

Queue Length Management refers to the process of actively monitoring and controlling the length of queues in various places. The primary goal of queue length management is to ensure that queues do not become excessively long which leads to extended waiting times and thus customer dissatisfaction. How waiting times are prevented is explained under Real-Time Data Analysis

Queue Balancing

Queue Balancing is the process of distributing customers or passengers evenly among multiple service points or check-outs. With the goal to ensure that queues don't becomes overly congested while other service points remain underutilized. This is necessary to optimize efficiency and reduce wait times.

Priority Queuing

For certain people, such as elderly or disabled individuals, is a faster service provided. This helps companies to address critical tasks promptly, businesses can avoid potential delays and maintain a streamlined workflow. Offering priority queuing to specific customer segments can contribute to a positive brand perception

Areas of Application


Airports are properly the places with the highest quantity of queues, for every procedure passengers have to go through, they have to line up. The fast passage of all the steps before entering an aircraft is necessary to ensure departures on time. So efficient queue management is needed, read this article to learn more.  Priority queuing is already daily business at airports, it helps airports to streamline the boarding and loading process. If passengers with wheelchairs and strollers are the first to board, staff can load their equipment in the cargo hold of the aircraft while the other passengers board the aircraft.


Queues in retail mostly appear at check-outs which is the last and most important step of the shopping procedure. To enhance customers experience and thus satisfaction it is important to stream line the process behind the desk and have the correct Queue Management to shorten waiting times.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Real-time data analytics is a process of analyzing and interpreting data as it is generated in real-time, without delay. It involves the continuous processing of data as it is received. Based on that managers can make real time decision. 

Efficient Staff Management

Because of the real time insights managers can employ their staff where it is currently needed. Real-time data analysis enables businesses to adjust staff schedules spontaneously. If customer flow is different from anticipated, businesses can make immediate scheduling changes to optimize staff presence. In situations of unexpected demand or emergencies, real-time data analysis allows businesses to quickly respond and employ staff different than planned to address critical areas and maintain service levels.


Notifications alert about real time scenarios which disrupt the normal scheduled processes. This feature of queue management enables smarter resource distribution. Because of notifications in case of happenings stuff can be employed in different, more important areas.

Queue Systems

Physical Queuing Systems

This traditional queue management system involve physical barriers or ropes that create organized queues. They are often supplemented with digital signage to display wait times or service information.

Virtual Queuing Systems

Virtual queuing allows customers to join a queue remotely without physically waiting in line. Customers can use mobile apps or websites to get a place in the queue and receive notifications when their turn is approaching.

Isarsofts Approach


A notification is created by an applied alarm, to create an alarm an application must be created before. Read this article to learn more. The alarm gets implemented as part of the queue management system and thus can get applied in multiple scenarios.


A Visualization is a mode in which the Application can be displayed, by analyzing the different available maps, high traffic areas and parts with high dwell time can get identified. High dwell time depicts longer waiting times which could be a indicator for lack of quantity of service personal or insufficient problem solving.

Dwell Time Map

Video Tutorial

This video demonstrates how Visualizations can be used for a better people flow


Cost of Implementation

Implementing a queue management system can involve significant upfront costs, including software, hardware, and staff training expenses. For smaller businesses or organizations with limited budgets, this initial investment may be a barrier.

Integration Challenges

Integrating queue management systems with existing business processes and systems can be complex and time-consuming. Ensuring seamless communication between different components may require additional effort and technical expertise.

Staff Resistance

Introducing new technology and processes can lead to resistance among staff members who may be hesitant to adopt changes to their familiar routines. Proper training and change management strategies are essential to overcome this challenge.

Data Privacy and Security Concerns

Queue management systems collect customer data. Ensuring data privacy and security compliance is essential to protect customer information and avoid potential legal issues.

Personal data is protected by the detection boxes of Isarsoft

More about Isarsoft

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The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

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