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Case Study Article

Isarsoft Perception for Smart Train Stations

The railway system in Germany is the foundation of local and regional public transportation systems.



Crowd counting with Isarsoft Perception at a train station.

Predictions forecast that the number of people who avail of train travel will double by the year of 2030. It is necessary, thereby, to bolster the system adequately so that it can withstand the estimated footfall in due time and continue to function efficiently.

An effective transport system is one of the focal points of a city or town. It boosts the economy, attracts industries and improves the standard of living for those who reside in it. Countries all over the world are adopting urban technologies to reinforce existing transport systems, and Germany is doing the same. 

How does video analytics help? It’s simple - the use of video analytics is linked to better performance, efficient data collection and analysis and conservation of resources. Isarsoft Perception is designed to do just that, in a way that makes mobility more efficient, secure and inclusive.

With the help of the software, planners can track and analyze people flow numbers, create trajectory flows in an area of choosing and map the busiest times of the day. Train stations experience high footfall on a daily basis, and one of the primary ways of optimizing resources is by keeping count of those who avail of the train services. 

The collected data can also be used for infrastructure development. By having a record of people in different parts of the station on a daily basis, planners can implement design changes to support the flow of people, depending on region. 

If, for example, one particular entrance to a given train station is more heavily used than others - the numbers will serve as an indication of architectural changes such as widening the point of entrance, additional stairs and escalators.

Along with mobility planning and optimization processes, Isarsoft Perception is also used to aid security processes. It is important to maintain protocol at train stations and make them adequately safe for public use. Features like crowd control, perimeter protection and classification are all part of the suite of applications. 

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