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Isarsoft Perception for Smart Airports

The Isarsoft Perception suite of video analytics applications delivers precise data for better optimization, mobility planning and passenger experiences.



Isarsoft Perception detecting individual people in a queue, to aid the process of queue management.

Airports are busy places that witness high footfall counts on a daily basis. As functional processes evolve and improve, airports are turning to putting to use smart technology to fulfill a roster of changing requirements.

European airports did not experience a good start to the summer season this year. The retreat of the pandemic saw an uptick in summer travel again, but airports were slow to catch up to the sudden influx of tourists and travelers. As passenger counts increased, overtaxed airport systems failed to function efficiently with frequent flight cancellations, delays and misplaced baggage.

Isarsoft Perception is equipped with features that help resolve these issues. The software uses security cameras to collect data and insights, which can be used by planners and security personnel for regulatory and operational processes. The data collection is continuous, accompanied by visual analytics tools and can be exported to third-party devices such as Excel.

Passenger flow analytics, for example, provides planners with an accurate estimate of average and daily figures. An important feature, specially for airports, keeping a record of footfall is useful in terms of crowd management, mobility planning and infrastructure development. It can also be used to optimize people flow through busy junctures, demarcate classified regions and anticipate future trends.

Some other noteworthy features include lost luggage detection and queue management.

Airport queues can be notoriously time-consuming, often a result of inaccurate or insufficient data. Isarsoft Perception's high-precision data analytics remedies this, by putting in place an efficient queue management system that counts people, specifies boundaries and limits and maintains general order. Lost luggage detection, another one of the software’s many features curated specifically for airports, identifies and detects unclaimed baggage.

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Optimize your business processes.

Improve business processes with video-based business intelligence from Isarsoft.

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