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Luggage Detection and Analysis: Airport Operations by Isarsoft Perception

Isarsoft Perception caters to baggage detection, identification and analysis with the help of AI-enabled smart technology.


October 31, 2022

Isarsoft Perception detects unidentified or misplaced luggage at the airport.

Isarsoft Perception is a software application that deals with planning, optimization and security functions at airports by means of continuous data collection and analysis. The areas of application in this arena are plentiful, and the subject under consideration today is a particularly important one - baggage detection and carousel analysis.

To give some context, airports in Europe faced a challenging time this summer. With the pandemic showing signs of retreat and an increase in passenger volumes, some persistent issues came to light - overly long queues, flight delays and ineffective staff deployment.

London’s Heathrow witnessed a concerning situation with Terminal 2 rendered invalid after a malfunction. Hundreds of suitcases were piled up and stacked into halls, unable to reach their owners. As the problems ailing airports intensified, Statista put out a report listing airports travelers ought to avoid, for the summer season.

A chart depicting the number of delayed flights at specified airports, by percentage.

How can Isarsoft Perception help?

Isarsoft Perception’s baggage-related functionality can be broadly classified into the two categories of lost/unidentified luggage detection and baggage carousel analysis. 

Baggage Carousel Analysis

Airport optimization refers to the process of optimization in all spheres. The baggage carousel is an integral part of airport operations and plays an important role in overall time management. The sooner a passenger can locate and receive their luggage, the quicker they can be on their way - thereby, leading to a smooth-functioning system of ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ figures (i.e, number of people entering and leaving the airport). 

It also greatly diminishes the chances of the airline in question losing luggage, a phenomenon that grew increasingly common this year. A July, 2022 report by The Local mentions a staggering figure - 5,000 suitcases from Lufthansa passengers left behind at the Frankfurt Airport daily.

Isarsoft Perception performs baggage carousel analysis, which can be used to optimize crowds.

In addition, intuitive baggage handling and analysis shortens waiting times, keeps crowds from building and reduces the lengths of queues. All things combined, not only can customer service be greatly improved as a result, but resources are also conserved in the process.

This is where Isarsoft Perception comes in. By keeping track of the luggage pieces that are ejected onto the carousel, personnel can create a database that will prove useful in case luggage is misplaced or cannot be located. It is also important in cases of faulty identification.

Unattended Luggage Detection

The detection of unattended or stalled luggage is impactful in two different domains - assistance and security.

The first, simply speaking, is designed in order to help customers locate luggage that might have gone missing by accident. The software is equipped to idenitfy lone pieces of baggage and can thereby render help to those who are missing theirs.

By using smart technology, airline operators can be on top of the problem and ensure a certain standard of insurance in case of luggage getting mispalced. It also induces a quicker response time, often crucial in such cases.

Isarsoft Perception detects unidentified luggage to abate security concerns.

The second arena deals with security concerns. Airports are busy places - subject to a multitude of passengers everyday. It is also a common way of transport of illegal, spurious substances or objects that constitute a risk to individual or public health and safety. By the process of detection and consequent analysis of stalled or suspicious luggage, airlines can eliminate a large number of risks and implement adequate security measures during safety-critical incidents. 

Not only does this constitute a short-term response, it also helps problem analysts and planners devise a long-term plan for security in the airport.

What’s Next?

The airline industry is steadily adopting new measures to streamline and improve everyday functions. Isarsoft Perception’s range of applicability is based on common customer pain points and focuses on resolving the issues to guarantee simplified processes. 

Regarding the topic of baggage identification and analysis, the scope for malfunctioning is rather wide. Isarsoft Perception facilitates a multi-fold approach to optimization and security, using the full potential of camera systems.

More about Isarsoft

With Isarsoft Perception, your camera systems become part of your business intelligence. Whether the goal is to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction or safety, Isarsoft Perception provides the insights needed for informed decisions.

The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

Contact us, to learn more about how to turn security cameras into intelligent sensors.

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