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AI Solutions for Elevating Hygiene

Successful sanitation practices are key to enhancing customer satisfaction in commercial spaces and passenger experience in airports, where large numbers of people gather every day. In this article, we discuss the heightened awareness of hygiene in public spaces in a post-pandemic era and how AI video analytics can help facilities build optimized cleaning solutions to improve public health and safety.


March 20, 2024

A person in pink gloves cleans a white sink with a yellow rag, next to a bottle of cleaner.

AI Solutions for Elevating Hygiene

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the emphasis on keeping public spaces sanitary, especially high-traffic areas like airports and malls has grown tremendously. These busy spots are central to our lives, but they can also be spaces where we are most vulnerable to the spread of pathogens. The increased attention on this issue has caused a rise in public demand for improved safety and security regulations in these spaces.

Advanced technology is the key to providing facilities with the data they need to improve their cleaning management systems to keep up with the new norms of sanitation. In this article, we will explore how AI-powered video analytics can help us maintain clean and safe public spaces. 

New Hygiene Standards

The expectations of sanitation in public spaces have undergone a dramatic transformation after the COVID-19 pandemic, with shifts in cleaning practices, public health communications, and crowd management reflecting a new era of hyper-awareness towards hygiene and safety. 

Cleaning Schedule 

Previously, cleaning staff operated on a routine and fixed schedule, systematically covering spaces at predetermined intervals. However, the post-pandemic world demands a more dynamic approach, prioritizing frequent sanitation of high-touch and high-traffic areas to mitigate the risk of pathogen spread. 

Hygiene Reminders

The scope of maintaining cleanliness now transcends the act of cleaning itself, incorporating both visual and auditory cues to remind the public about the importance of hygiene practices—elements previously unseen in our day-to-day environments. Sanitation stations equipped with hand sanitizers, as well as signs prompting healthful practices, have become staples in our communal landscapes


The issue of overcrowding has also taken on a new dimension of concern. Where once the challenge was primarily about managing congestion and ensuring operational efficiency, it is now viewed through the lens of public health. Crowded spaces are now considered critical areas for the potential spread of infectious diseases, necessitating innovative solutions to maintain social distancing.

Maintaining Hygiene in High-traffic Areas

Keeping Airports Clean

In a globalized world where civil aviation is growing at an unprecedented rate, allowing more and more people to travel across the world each day, airports have become critical meeting points, bustling with activity. 

However, this boost in foot traffic also creates potential hubs for diseases to spread internationally, underscoring the urgent need for rigorous hygiene and sanitation protocols to safeguard the health of travelers. 

The complexity of airports, with their vast and varied spaces ranging from terminals to dining areas and restrooms, presents a significant challenge: How do we keep airports safe and clean for everyone to improve passenger experience?

  • Precision in Sanitation: Ensuring high-touch zones like check-in kiosks and security trays are sanitized more frequently.
  • Risk Mitigation: Responding quickly to congestion, which is crucial for pathogen containment and providing travelers with peace of mind.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Airports operate under strict regulatory oversight. It is critical to meet cleanliness protocols and exceed international standards to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Enhanced Passenger Experience: A visibly clean airport is a key factor in passenger satisfaction. Having a sanitary environment ensures passengers enjoy their travel experience.

Keeping Commercial Spaces Clean

Similarly, the interconnected nature of commercial real estate, including shopping malls, office buildings, and transportation hubs, amplifies hygiene challenges. These spaces, integral to daily life and economic activity, attract diverse crowds, further elevating the risk of germ transmission. 

The situation necessitates a robust response in commercial settings, where the implementation of advanced sanitation measures is not just crucial for protecting public health, but also pivotal in improving customer satisfaction. 

A clean, safe environment is fundamental to ensuring the smooth continuation of commerce and fostering the success of retail businesses, as it directly influences consumer loyalty and willingness to engage in social and economic activities within these spaces raising the question: How do we keep commercial spaces safe and clean for everyone to enhance customer satisfaction?

  • Increased Consumer Experience: Having clean and available restrooms at all times is a crucial component of consumer experience. A clean bathroom can significantly impact how customers perceive a business, instilling a sense of care and attention to detail. 

Customer Loyalty: When customers feel valued and respected in all aspects of their interaction with a business, including the cleanliness of the facilities, there is likely to be an increase in customer loyalty.

AI video analytics presents a practical solution to address these challenges by equipping businesses with the insights needed to tailor their cleaning schedules and protocols to optimize their sanitation processes, ensuring that sanitation processes are not just efficient, but also aligned with the highest standards of public safety and health.

Keeping restrooms sanitary

How Does AI-based Video Analysis Work?

AI video analytics examines video footage to pinpoint the most frequented areas within a space, also meticulously tracking how long people occupy a place. This is a sophisticated approach to understanding human traffic flow and occupancy patterns in real time. By quantifying the time spent in specific locations and the regularity of these visits, AI-based video analytics software not only identifies but assures the accurate targeting of cleaning efforts. Thus allowing businesses in high-traffic environments to enhance their sanitation and safety measures. 

The main detection measures of AI video analytics for improved sanitation include:

  1. Creating Heat Maps: Generating visual representations that show the density of foot traffic in different areas of a space. The colors on these maps vary, indicating areas with different levels of activity, from low to high.
  2. Measuring Footfall: Counting the number of people entering or moving through an area over a specific period. Quantifies the volume of traffic in a space.
  3. Analyzing Passenger Flow: Examining how people move throughout a space, including their paths, patterns, and the volume of movement in different areas. 

Together, these people counting tools powered by AI provide a comprehensive view of how a space is used, providing a personalized and clear indication of potential hotspots for germ transmission for each unique space. By utilizing these, facilities can achieve an unparalleled level of cleanliness and safety.

Key Applications and Benefits

The advanced data analytics provided by Isarsoft offer transformative implications for facilities aiming to enhance their hygiene protocols. In an era where public safety and health are paramount, leveraging Isarsoft's insights allows for a strategic approach to sanitation that meets and exceeds regulatory demands. Here's how:

  • Optimized Cleaning Staff Schedules
    • Isarsoft’s data enables facilities to refine cleaning staff schedules, ensuring an optimized schedule. This customization meets the unique needs of each business, enhancing efficiency in resource allocation and effectiveness in maintaining cleanliness.
  • Targeted Cleaning of High-Touch Areas
    • By identifying the most frequented restrooms and eating areas, Isarsoft directs cleaning efforts towards zones most susceptible to germ spread. This targeted approach ensures that resources are allocated where they're needed most, maximizing the impact of cleaning protocols.
  • Deployment of Hygiene Reminders
    • Utilizing insights from Isarsoft, facilities can strategically place hygiene reminders, such as posters and signs, encouraging hand washing and other sanitary practices, or position sanitation stations in high-risk areas.
  • Strategic Placement of Barriers and Road Guides:some text
    • The placement of barriers and guides to effectively manage foot traffic helps minimize congestion in high-traffic areas, reducing the risk of cross-contamination among the public.
  • Real-time Alerts for Urgent Cleanings
    • The system’s capability to send real-time alerts for emergency cleaning needs ensures that facilities can respond swiftly to any hygiene issue. Whether it's an overused restroom or a spill, these alerts help maintain a consistently clean environment.

Through Isarsoft, businesses unlock innovative, data-informed cleaning solutions that are customizable to fit the sanitation needs of any given space.

How to Implement Isarsoft? 

Isarsoft specializes in AI-based software development and seamlessly integrates with your organization's existing infrastructure, providing a swift and efficient path to improve the operational capabilities of your business with AI-driven insights.

After installing Isarsoft, it's crucial to tailor training and deployment processes to align with your organization's specific requirements, ensuring maximum effectiveness and smooth adoption. 

Continuous monitoring and the development of adaptive strategies are essential for sustained success, allowing for agile adjustments and enhancements in response to evolving needs and trends. This approach ensures your operations remain dynamic and responsive, ready to embrace innovation and improvement at every opportunity.

Guide for implementing Isarsoft

More about Isarsoft

With Isarsoft Perception, your camera systems become part of your business intelligence. Whether the goal is to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, or safety, Isarsoft Perception provides the insights needed for informed decisions.

The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

Contact us, to learn more about how to turn security cameras into intelligent sensors.

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