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How to Send Metadata From Isarsoft Perception via MQTT

This article is a guide on how to integrate Isarsoft Perception via MQTT.


December 21, 2022

Logo of Isarsoft and MQTT


MQTT is designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport system that is ideal for connecting remote devices, with a small code footprint and using minimal network bandwidth.

About Isarsoft Perception

Isarsoft Perception is a video analytics software that provides actionable real-time insights from any camera or VMS.

How to connect to a MQTT Broker

In order to transfer data to an external MQTT broker, only its host name is required. If no port is specified, default port 1883 is used by.

To integrate your external system, Cloud Backend, just follow the steps of this manual.

Click the column “Settings'' in the sidebar on the left side. The settings overview opens, you can integrate a VMS or a Cloud Connector. Choose MQTT Broker in the bar above the input fields.

Enter your:

  • MQTT Hostname

Optional settings:

  • MQTT Port
  • MQTT Username
  • MQTT Password
  • MQTT Client ID
  • MQTT Topic
  • MQTT Fixed Topic

To end the integration process click "APPLY". If the connection is successful, a green status light is displayed.

Further Integrations:

More about Isarsoft

With Isarsoft Perception, your camera systems become part of your business intelligence. Whether the goal is to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction or safety, Isarsoft Perception provides the insights needed for informed decisions.

The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

Contact us, to learn more about how to turn security cameras into intelligent sensors.

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Optimize your business processes.

Improve business processes with video-based business intelligence from Isarsoft.

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