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How to Send Metadata From Isarsoft Perception to the Cloud or Third-Party Systems

This article explains what the Isarsoft Perception Cloud Connector is, how it works and why it is beneficial to use it when connecting to cloud or third-party systems.


December 21, 2022

Graph of transfer from Isarsoft to a Cloud

What is the Isarsoft Perception Cloud Connector? 

The Isarsoft Perception cloud connector allows to send data from Isarsoft Perception to third party or cloud systems in real-time.

What does a Cloud Connector do?

The Isarsoft Perception cloud connector offers a variety of interfaces to send metadata to third party systems. If a connection is configured, but the corresponding endpoint is not accessible the data to be sent is stored locally for 72 hours by default. Isarsoft Perception offers different Cloud Backends, they are listed below.

Besides the realtime cloud connection Isarsoft Perception offers an API. Furthermore, data can be exported to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, as described in our article.

What happens if there is a missed connection?

If the Cloud Connector is disturbed the data transfer is stopped immediately and the Connector stores the data till the connection between Isarsoft Perception and Cloud-Backend is restored. So no data is lost, it just arrives delayed in the external systems. By default the local storage is configured to store 72 hours of data.


High Security 

The Cloud Connector of the Isarsoft Perception leverages modern encryption standards. The data send to the cloud system thus is protected from unauthorized access.

Real time insight

Because the collected metadata is sent to the backend every second, customers get a real time insight. The high frequent transfer offers the combination of other external programs, which makes a comprehensive insight possible, that enables the costumer to perform on a higher level of efficiency.

How is the Cloud Backend Connected?

The process of integrating a Cloud or Third-Party System is different for each external system. The details are explained for each of the respective systems in separate articles.

Cloud Connector Interfaces

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Amazon Kinesis, allows data streams to be conveniently recorded, processed and analyzed in real time within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

MQTT Broker

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), enables data to be exchanged between systems in a simple manner.

More about Isarsoft

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The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

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