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How to achieve Energy Optimization using Video Analytics

Video Analytics can be used to optimize energy consumption in a variety of arenas. The adoption of smart technology is quickly witnessing a rise, in order to realize energy efficiency goals.


October 26, 2022

How to achieve Energy Optimization using Video Analytics

What is Energy Optimization?

Energy Optimization is a blanket term for any process that facilitates the efficient use of available energy. The prime objective is to avoid excesses and avoid draining resources such as time, money and personnel. Anything could potentially be construed as ‘energy optimization’, given that the end product results in an optimal use of energy.

However, we are talking here of energy optimization specifically in the context of video analytics. How does a smart system such as Isarsoft Perception help the user achieve the best use of energy? What are the benefits of the same, and why are they important?

We are here to put your queries to rest.

How does Isarsoft Perception aid the development of energy-efficient processes?

Isarsoft Perception employs a combination of consistent data collection methods and intuitive data analysis to support the cause of energy efficiency. 

A brief overview before we delve into the optimization processes that can be performed: Isarsoft Perception can be deployed on-premise, in-edge and as part of a cloud network. Edge deployability, in particular, allows quick processing of data and delivery of KPIs. This, in turn, facilitates speedy response times. 

The above was an example of how the software allows resource optimization by lieu of a deployability option, designed to simplify operations.

Isarsoft Perception functions across the four verticals of train stations, airports, retail and traffic and city planning. There are avenues for energy optimization in each of these application areas - the ways in which to achieve those, listed in our Solutions pages.

Train Stations

Isarsoft Perception can be used to optimize train timetables, by means of constant evaluation of passenger flow. This generates accurate data regarding movement patterns and utilization periods, which can be used to implement the correct usage of available resources.

Isarsoft Perception permits passenger flow to be constantly evaluated.

The same logic is put into use to put into place a valid system of resource conservation. Having access to legitimate data allows planners and problem analysts to deploy personnel according to requirement. Business processes run smoother and time, money and energy are all saved consequentially.


Optimized planning in airports is one of the key outcomes that video analytics are employed to generate. It goes without saying that energy optimization is one of the caveats that comprises optimal planning. Airports are busy places and require several different systems to function properly. Think staff, security personnel, electricity, heating, cleaning crew, etc. Needless to say, all of these rack up quite the expense sheet. 

Effective Queue Management goes a long way to help fulfill goals of energy optimization.

Isarsoft Perception can be used to optimize airport processes in order to benefit airline operators and, in the long term, result in considerable energy savings.

By the help of functionality such as occupancy measurement and route optimization, airports can cut back on the use of energy and the cost of staff. It also allows for easier mobility. Lights can be switched off or dimmed during idle periods, infrastructure can be expanded to relieve the burden on existing systems and a reduction in waiting times at queues or the baggage carousel warrants the need for less staff.


Retail Optimization is a particularly interesting subject. With the help of Isarsoft Perception’s accessible KPIs, optimization processes can be implemented quickly and effectively.

Queue management is instrumental to the smooth functioning of any retail store and calls for a more targeted approach towards staff deployment. Does it imply more work? No. While staff might be required to apply a hands-on approach during busy times of the day, idle times can be capitalized upon to conserve resources. 

Traffic, Parking and Urban Planning

Not only does Isarsoft Perception enable traffic planners to make decisions in real time, it also enables a data-based system of sustainability that is instrumental in the optimization of energy. Transportation-based carbon dioxide emissions contribute to a lot of environmental pollution, and one of the key outcomes of climate conservation is to keep this figure under check.

Here is a statistic that classifies the emissions by category of vehicle. (Source: Eurostat)

Pie chart representing the breakdown of CO2 emissions, by type of vehicle.

Traffic is a constantly changing, constantly shifting process. Building a database that is equipped to track traffic patterns is important for many reasons. One of them is that it aids in the establishment of a system that can be used to ascertain better sustainability standards. 

What does data-based sustainability mean? The answer to that is simple; it is any process that can be assessed and analyzed by means of collected data. This includes the shortening of travel times to save fuel, the construction of P+R parking lots for easier access, conveniently located e-charging stations and the expansion of bike lanes.

What are the benefits of Energy Optimization in the long run?

The benefits of energy optimization are plentiful. In our run-down, we shall focus on only those rendered possible by the use of intuitive video analytics.

Reduction of Utility Bills

Energy consumption makes up a significant portion of expenses. By using energy efficiently, businesses can cut down on their bills. The presence of video analytics ensures that the quality of service need not be compromised upon in order to achieve desired results.

Utility System Benefits

Long-term energy efficiency lowers overall electricity demand, thereby diminishing the prospect of having to invest in new methods and infrastructure for electricity generation.

Meet the growing demand for Electricity

As businesses expand, so does the general demand for electricity in order to keep operational processes functioning smoothly. Utilizing energy efficiently will keep reserves from getting drained and the business from being unable to meet an increased demand.

Save the Environment

Increased efficiency lowers the consumption of fuel, emission of greenhouse gasses, pollution, etc. In combination, they have a considerable effect on the protection of the environment.

More about Isarsoft

With Isarsoft Perception, your camera systems become part of your business intelligence. Whether the goal is to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction or safety, Isarsoft Perception provides the insights needed for informed decisions.

The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

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Optimize your business processes.

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