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How Video Analytics Improves Physical Security

The safety regulations for public places, to maintain the level of safety, are extensive for many reasons. Read this article to find out why Isarsoft Perception is the best solution and learn more about the different alarms.


March 3, 2023

Public place with people

Safety and Security

Due to the high number of people and their frequent interaction with transport, the safety regulations for public places are extensive. Operators have to make sure safety is a given in any case. So technical failures, or human errors have to be monitored. Because failures could trigger dangerous incidents like fire, chaos, violence and more.

To prevent accidents, facilities like stations and airports have many security programs. Not only for their customers but also for their staff. An example would be to monitor if the staff is wearing their safety clothing. Other occurrences like overcrowding, entering detection systems are more customer related. The main reason is for business owners to prevent accidents and thus additional costs.

All this hazard detection technology is often provided from multiple sources, that is the reason why the interaction of all systems and technology is difficult. Video analytics is fixing this problem, because a lot of issues can be detected by this modern technology.

Video Analytics for unified Security 

With the ability of video analytics to recognize objects and differentiating them, motion and behavior patterns of objects can be observed. A business can be improved for efficiency and safety reasons. Motion patterns show when objects are moving, where they are moving, and for how long they are moving.

All this information gets analyzed and summarized to KPIs which are great insights of a typical behavior of users.

Typical behavior could be staying in a certain area, staying for a specific duration of time, or a number of people appearing at one place. With these insights the problems and inconsistencies can be identified by a change of the usual patterns. So video analytics allows users to identify potential threats before they arise.

To ease the work of security staff, it is possible to set an alarm to get notified if a pattern changes.

What is an alarm?

Fundamentally an alarm is a signal notification used to alert someone of an event or emergency. Alarms are used as warning signals in hazardous scenarios, but they can also be used to monitor activities in a specific area.

An alarm of Isarsoft Perception exists to ease the work by improving and accelerating processes. Isarsoft offers two types of alarms, one for applications, and one for cameras. 

Camera based alarms notify operators of changes in the camera perspective, a change in the background or a damaged or soiled camera. A camera based alarm references a previously created camera. 

Application based alarms are based on previously created applications, i.e. Object Count, Object Flow or Crowd Count applications. They are triggered by happenings in the corresponding application, i.e. if an zone is overcrowded or people cross a line. Alarms have to be set individually for each application- the application has to be made before creating the alarm. Read our Blogpost to learn how you can create an alarm. 

Alarm Conditions

An alarm consists of a name and a condition which specifies its occurrence. Different conditions must be configured depending on the alarm type. This is the important part of creating an alarm, you can choose from:

  • Entering 
  • Leaving 
  • Count Sum 
  • Dwell Time

The alarm summary summarizes the alarm as a logical statement.

Benefits of automatic Video Analytics Alarms

The main benefit of having a video analytics system with automatically alerting alarms is that it enhances security and safety due to an increased incident awareness and reduced response time of security operators to threads. AI based Video Analytics alarms can help to identify: 

  • Life threatening situations such as overcrowding or violence
  • Crimes such as theft, vandalism and intrusion
  • Alerts in case of reduced quality of service

When an object triggers an alarm, Isarsoft Perception users will be informed in real time. The security is therefore no longer an all manual task. Within setting an alarm comes higher accuracy and efficiency, because accidents are prevented and employees and response measures can be deployed where and when they are actually needed.

Overcrowding & Congestion Alarms

Overcrowding describes the situation in which the number of people in an area is too large, making it uncomfortable and eventually dangerous. It is an issue that can emerge in any public place; stores, airports and train stations or even roads. Thus it is not a problem that only concerns pedestrians but also vehicles. 

For example in the case of train stations, the chance of accidents increases because of the higher risk of falling on the tracks when the platform is crowded. Thus the need for overcrowding prevention measures exists.


Intrusion Detection is a process of recognizing unauthorized access into a defined area. Intrusion detection systems consisting of sensors and cameras help with perimeter protection. 

This alarm prevents disturbances of the daily process of your business and protects the safety of your customers and employees. 

Intrusion can be used to detect objects on tracks

Loitering alarm 

Loitering Detection in Video Analytics is a function that processes a video stream to detect if an object remains in an area longer than a certain threshold. An alarm for loitering is useful to detect suspicious behavior of passengers. It detects people remaining in an area for an extended period of time without any specific purpose or activity: this behavior can be considered suspicious and cause concern for others.

But this alarm is not only useful for safety but also for enhancing customer satisfaction, because a person who seems confused can be helped. 

Panic alarm

Panic is one of the most safety threatening circumstances for users. It is dangerous because it can quickly get out of control, because not only the individual becomes overwhelmed by their own fear, but also they can also cause panic among those around them. The result is chaos which can be difficult to manage, especially with crowds. Signs for panic are running, leaving an area and building crowds. Running Detection is a video analytics function which detects running people in a video stream. Panic can be detected automatically through anomaly detection in the motion patterns.

Speeding alarm

Keeping the right speed is mostly important for traffic. Speed is a primary factor that results in fatalities, so the need of controlling the limits is great. Read our article to learn more about the need of controlling speed limits.

This alarm has the same condition as the one before but applies to a different use case. To reduce danger on the streets this alarm is useful. Drivers have more time to assess their surroundings and react accordingly at a lower speed, thus avoiding accidents that could occur when travelling faster.

Speed control is very important near construction work

Background change alarm

Camera alarms offer the possibility of recognizing changes in the background. Here, running averages from the previous day are compared with a current picture. With the help of a threshold-based alarm, users can be informed about changes in the background and react accordingly.

This alarm is the only one that isn't based on an application, it notifies changes in the camera perspective, a change in the background or a damaged or soiled camera. A camera based alarm references a previously created camera. This alarm is necessary because incidents wouldn't be recognized with a broken camera.

More about Isarsoft

With Isarsoft Perception, your camera systems become part of your business intelligence. Whether the goal is to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction or safety, Isarsoft Perception provides the insights needed for informed decisions.

Isarsoft Perception Dashboard
The Isarsoft Perception Dashboard

Contact us, to learn more about how to turn security cameras into intelligent sensors.

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