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What is people counting software?

January 17, 2024
People Counting Software

People counting software is an analytics tool used to measure and analyze the footfall in a given area or zone. Software configured to count people implements the use of cameras, sensors, WiFi Tracking, smart floor tech, and other methodologies.

People counting technology has grown and evolved since its inception, and can be implemented using a variety of tools. Some of the commonly used ones include:

Cameras - Camera-based people counting software employs security cameras to gather consistent data on footfall, which is then analyzed to generate relevant insights and metrics.

Thermal Sensing - Thermal Sensing is a method that makes use of thermal sensors, configured to count people by the detection of body temperature. They are typically installed at entryways and exit points - top-down, to enhance accuracy.

Active Infrared Sensors - These sensors comprise an infrared emitter and an infrared receiver, with the sensor monitoring how many times the beam is broken. The attained figure is divided by 2, to get the people count. Most AIRS are bidirectional and installed on one or both sides of the doorway.

People counting software can be used in multiple areas of application - airports, malls and retail outlets, live event arenas, transport junctions and roadways.

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