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What is Smart Mobility?

June 1, 2024
Smart Mobility

The Smart Mobility movement focuses on clean technology to help create efficient methods of transportation. This can include both conventional and alternative modes of transportation - with biking, ride-sharing, public transport, and walking being some of the popular choices.

Smart Mobility also places heavy emphasis on improving traffic conditions on roads and highways. This can be done by employing video analytics tools to assess traffic flow consistently, thereby allowing planners and personnel a realistic, in-real-time overview of the traffic situation. Not only does this enhance safety conditions and prevent accidents, but is also linked to greater efficiency.

The benefits of Smart Mobility are numerous - improved efficiency prevents the wastage of resources, a loss of revenue, carbon dioxide emissions and resultant pollution.

The concepts of Smart Mobility can be used in creating smart cities - an initiative gaining traction rapidly, on a global level. Cities around the world are embracing the fight against climate change and reduce the number of cars on the road.

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