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What is Wrong-Way Driver Detection?

January 17, 2024

Wrong-Way Driver Detection Systems use sensors or video analytics on roads to detect vehicles driving in the wrong direction.

The Wrong-Way Driver Detection Systems alerts the driver of their mistake, warns nearby travelers, informs agency staff at a central traffic management center of the need to monitor the situation, and notifies law enforcement so that they can prevent a collision.

The above video depicts Isarsoft Perception in action, and how video analytics can be used to identify and detect wrong-way driving. In this case, a vehicle is shown entering a one-way tunnel, and proceeding to reverse and leave it. In a different camera perspective, the same vehicle is detected while exiting the tunnel - forcing incoming cars to back away and make space.

The vehicle in the video represents the potential danger wrong-way driving poses. Inside the tunnel, a truck avoids near collision with the reversing vehicle by swerving out of the way. This is a scenario that could have easily turned into an accident. Similarly, a car exiting the tunnel (in the wrong direction) is very dangerous.

Video analytics enables users higher levels of road safety. By alerting traffic personnel to instances of wrong-way driving, Isarsoft Perception can be used to reinforce security standards.

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