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People Counting with Bosch Cameras

Use the full potential of your Bosch camera systems. Isarsoft Perception People Counting adds value for planning, operation and security.

Isarsoft Perception works with Bosch Cameras

Why use Isarsoft Perception for People Counting?

With Isarsoft Perception, your camera systems become part of your business intelligence. Whether you want to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction or safety, Isarsoft Perception helps you make better decisions.

Make infrastructure tangible and measurable.

Isarsoft Perception makes traffic and people flows quantifiable to support planners with data and analyses for infrastructure measures.

Optimize and analyze infrastructure

Survey traffic and people flows in real time

Easy integration into existing video camera systems

Immer genaue Daten mit Isarsoft
Isarsoft macht Infrastrukturnutzung greifbar und messbar

Real-time KPIs.

Isarsoft Perception provides decision makers with deeper insights into business processes in order to optimize them.

Improve customer satisfaction

Automated collection of business-relevant KPIs

Optimize processes and realize efficiency gains

Support safety-critical decisions.

Isarsoft Perception provides alarms to allow for adequate reactions to safety-critical events.

Protect customers, employees and property

Smooth integration with other safety systems

Respond to safety-critical incidents in real time

Isarsoft schafft rationale Entscheidungen, für Eingriffe oder Planungen

We understand you.

Video analytics customized to your use case with smooth integration into existing systems.

Train Stations

Smart crowd management for the train station of the future.

Data-based security management

Real-time data for crowd management

Passenger flow analytics & optimization


Optimized planning and security for airports.

Video analysis for holistic security

Queue management for shorter dwell times

Better customer experience through people flow analysis


Improved shopping experiences, courtesy of smart video analysis.

Analysis of frequently visited areas

Conversion rate and customer journey measurement

Automated collection of relevant KPIs such as dwell time

Road Traffic and Parking Lots

Automated collection of traffic flow and parking space utilization.

Parking space utilization and occupancy

Traffic measurement on roads and intersections

Identify and avoid safety-critical events

Video Intelligence - scalable, in real-time.

Isarsoft Perception impresses with reliability, ease of use and a wide range of integrations.

Automatic anonymization

Isarsoft Perception automatically anonymizes camera streams.

GDPR compliance

Isarsoft Perception complies with all relevant privacy policies.

Live processing

Cameras are evaluated in real time and KPIs are provided immediately.

Information Security

Regular internal and external controls ensure a high level of information security.

Seamless integration

Isarsoft Perception offers a wide range of integrations with VMS and Bi systems.

High acccuracy

Isarsoft Perception delivers data you can rely on.

Optimize your business processes.

Improve business processes with video-based business intelligence from Isarsoft.

How it works

Video analysis, easier than ever before.

Isarsoft Perception turns security cameras into intelligent sensors.



Isarsoft Perception can be installed in a short amount of time and with little effort, since the necessary cameras are often already available.



The configuration is done via an intuitive dashboard in a few simple steps.



Continuous evaluation and collection of KPIs to build a solid database and identify trends.


Decision making

Whether planner, analyst or operator - Isarsoft Perception helps to make the right decisions.

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At the Nieberding parking lot, Isarsoft Perception automatically measures the parking lot occupancy to make it easier for drivers to find it. The data is transmitted to the municipal parking guidance system via LoRaWAN.

Manager for IoT
Stadtwerke Münster


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Is Isarsoft Perception compatible with existing camera systems?

Isarsoft Perception is compatible with all major security cameras and leading video management systems (VMS).

How long does it usually take from purchase to start of operation?

It typically takes 4-8 weeks from purchase to start of operation.

Is Isarsoft Perception privacy compliant?

Isarsoft Perception complies with relevant privacy policies such as the GDPR.

Where is the data processed?

Depending on the version, Isarsoft Perception can be installed on cameras, edge and server hardware. Data processing takes place locally and does not require an Internet connection. The collected, anonymous metadata can be transmitted to third-party systems for further processing.

How to get support?

Isarsoft, as well as our qualified partners and integrators, are glad to support you from conception to implementation and operation.