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What is Fire Detection in Video Analytics?

January 17, 2024
Fire detection with video analytics

Fire Detection in Video Analytics is a function that automatically detects fire from a video or video stream.

Where is Fire Detection used?

Fire Detection based on video analytics can be used in buildings, factories, road systems and environmental protection. It can be used in combination with traditional smoke detectors or standalone.

Fire detection with video analytics has several advantages over smoke detectors:

  • The area which can be covered is larger
  • Outside use is possible

What is Fire Detection being used for?

Fire detection is used to reduce response time in the event of fire or smoke and to increase safety and security.

Thermal Cameras vs Security Cameras for Fire Detection

Thermal cameras have the advantage over regular security cameras that temperature is measured directly through infrared radiation. However, security cameras, through the use of AI video analytics, are capable of detecting fire too.

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