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What is image resolution in the context of security cameras and AI?

June 1, 2024
black bullet security camera wall mount

Image resolution refers to the number of pixels captured in an image or video frame. The more pixels there are, the higher the resolution of the image/video and the more detail can be seen. Low-resolution images have fewer pixels and thus appear more blurry while high-resolution images contain more pixels and appear sharper. This is particularly important when it comes to security cameras as higher resolution images will capture more details such as facial features or license plate numbers.

Image resolution is typically measured in megapixel (MP). 1 MP is equivalent to 1 million pixel.

What are common image resolutions for security cameras?

Common security camera image resolutions are:

Why does security camera image resolution matter?

Image resolution is a main driver of the resulting bandwidth and required storage capacity of the video. Hence image resolution effects the design of network and storage in video surveillance applications.

Depending on the image resolution of the camera it is either possible or not possible to see capture crucial details.

How to chose the right image resolution and security camera?

The required image resolution depends on a variety of factors such as distance, type of lens, focal-width or detail requirement.

We recommend to do a thorough camera study before installing any cameras. JVSG is a popular tool to do such studies.

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