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What is a license plate controller?

June 1, 2024
An EU license plate

Briefly explained, a License Plate Controller is similar to a security camera. It is usually built into video analytics platforms so that it can be part of the software, and can be used to detect and identify the license plates of vehicles.

An application with various benefits, license plate controllers find primary usage in the traffic and transport spheres. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

  • Access Control - In secure or access-only areas, the detection and consequent identification of license plates can enable a process wherein only authorized vehicles are sent through. Not only relevant in the context of security, it is also a good way to conserve resources.
  • Parking Management - Entry/exit control via an automated process of license plate recognition, in addition to facilitating payment solutions. The same applies for toll booths in highways.
  • Traffic Management - Traffic management in populous areas such as airports, shopping mall car parks, office car parks, etc.

A big use case of license plate controlling falls in the ecosystem of safety and security, specifically in terms of reducing injuries and accidents on the road.

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