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What is a Parking Guidance System?

June 1, 2024
Green and red light is parking garage

A Parking Guidance System is a technology-driven solution designed to assist drivers in finding available parking spaces within a parking facility. It uses a combination of sensors, cameras, signage, and software to provide real-time information about parking space availability, ultimately helping drivers locate and navigate to open spots more efficiently. Benefits of a Parking Guidance System include reduced search time, improved user experience and environmental impact.

Here are some features of a Parking Guidance System:

Electronic Displays: These displays are strategically located throughout the parking facility, at key decision points like entrances and intersections. They provide visual information about the number of available parking spaces on each level or zone.

LED Lights or Indicators: In addition to numerical displays, some PGS utilize LED lights or indicators above individual parking spaces to signal their availability. Green lights indicate an open spot, while red lights indicate an occupied spot.

Mobile Apps and Web Interfaces: Many modern PGS systems offer mobile applications or web interfaces that allow drivers to access real-time parking information on their smartphones or other devices. This can include maps, directions, and availability status.

Wayfinding and Navigation Guidance: PGS can provide turn-by-turn directions to guide drivers to the nearest available parking spaces. This can be displayed on electronic signs, mobile apps, or integrated with in-car navigation systems.

Data Analytics and Reporting: PGS can collect data on parking utilization, traffic patterns, and other metrics. This information can be analyzed to optimize parking operations and make informed decisions for future planning.

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