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What is Smart Parking?

January 17, 2024

Smart parking lots are beneficial for planners and commuters alike - a concept we shall discuss in-depth throughout the course of this article.

But first, a little context. Parking lots have been around a long time. With increasing urbanization and the consequent development of roadways, parking facilities have sprung up like mushrooms along highways, in cities and towns, and as part of multi-storey structures such as residence complexes, malls, and hospitals. Despite their multiplicity, finding a parking space can be a time-consuming and often possible, ordeal.

Smart parking lot
Smart parking lots aim to simplify the customer experience while also saving time and resources

In order to counteract this problem, software such as Isarsoft Perception can be used to optimize not just the planning and construction but also the monitoring of lot occupancy and efficiency. Having access to reliable, consistent data makes it easier for on-call personnel to optimize functions and for drivers to quickly find a spot to park in.

A Parking Management System (PMS) is responsible for operating and coordinating the many individual functions of a parking lot.

A PMS can be used as a one-stop management solution - integrated with functions that address several different domains at once - payment, entry control, traffic data and analysis, etc.

How does Isarsoft Perception optimize Parking Facilities?

The optimization of a parking facility is a multi-pronged process - it involves many simultaneous processes that ensure its smooth functioning. Here are some of the ways in which Isarsoft Perception aids the optimization of a parking lot

Occupancy Monitoring

Isarsoft Perception is configured to monitor the occupancy of parking spaces - by means of identifying and detecting vehicles and keeping a running tally. By allowing personnel and planners to get an accurate estimate of the average number of vehicles who park, the software simplifies the planning process - ensuring that factors such as space and accompanying facilities are strategically built.

Smart Queue Management

Have you ever stood for a disproportionately large amount of time, in line for parking? One of the primary objectives of smart parking is to treat just that - reduce the waiting times at entry and exit points of parking lots.

With video analytics-based software such as Isarsoft Perception, users can implement queue management techniques to cure parking facilities of perpetually long wait times. License Plate Recognition (LPR) can be deployed to reduce waiting time even further and create automatic, barrier free processes.

Infrastructure Development

Isarsoft Perception can be used to assess, alter and improve the infrastructure of an existing structure. This, in turn, makes it easier for architects to design parking lots in an optimal manner - taking into account all the factors required such as signage, ample space, clear markers, ramps, stairways and elevators.

Video Tutorial

The above video is a case study based in an airport parking lot where Isarsoft Perception is used to regulate vehicle flow, optimize entry/exit control, and monitor pedestrian safety.

What are the benefits of smart parking?

Reduction of carbon emissions

Vehicular emissions are one of the primary contributors to climate change and global warming. By implementing parking management systems on a widespread level, businesses can cut back on average carbon emissions by a considerable amount.

Through the applied benefits of queue management and occupancy measurement, drivers will be able to access information related to availability or waiting times. Having this information induces conservation of resources (vehicular fuel, in this context).

Optimization of Traffic Flow

Smart parking has the potential to let drivers know where to go. By employing this technique, the vehicle flow in traffic-heavy areas can be optimized. An example of this would the diversion of waiting cars to a nearby parking lot if the one they are waiting at is already full.

This is where smart tech comes in - a software like Isarsoft Perception consistently collects video data to generate actionable insights. In case of no availability, the traffic personnel would immediately be alerted to the situation without delay.

Availability statistics at a smart parking lot
Availability statistics at a smart parking lot

Urban Planning

Sustainable urban planning rests on the foundation of smart technology. Smart parking lots contribute to the tapestry of smart cities, that are broadly recognized as zones employing modern technology to drive environmental friendliness.

Through monitoring and assessing parking lot data, planners can unearth insights into infrastructural problems, how to prevent overcrowding, rerouting techniques in case of a traffic bottleneck, etc. Not only are these insights beneficial for traffic management, but also for raising the quality of living for citizens.

With Isarsoft Perception, users can gain access to reliable and scalable insights to conduct effective parking management.

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