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Isarsoft among Germany’s Top 508 AI Startups

Isarsoft made the news this week as one of the top 508 most promising AI startups in Germany, a ranking by the appliedAI Institute for Europe. Isarsoft also ranked among the top 30 pioneer companies in the domain of computer vision.


July 11, 2023

Isarsoft ranks among Most Promising AI Startups across Germany and is Top 30 in Computer Vision

Isarsoft ranked as one of the top 508 AI startups in Germany, as part of a carefully curated, externally validated process by the appliedAI Institute for Europe.

The objective of this ranking is not merely to shed light on German startups doing promising work with AI, but also to create general awareness about AI and create a centralized database that can be accessed by corporations, SMEs, and governmental bodies in order to locate reliable AI partners.

Access the full list of AI startups 2023 here.

Isarsoft Perception and AI

Isarsoft's flagship software, Isarsoft Perception, makes liberal use of AI-based functionalities in the four main verticals of traffic, retail, aviation, and transportation. Isarsoft Perception can be used to process and analyse video data in a reliable and intuitive manner, operation across many domains to produce relevant insights for business.

Isarsoft emerged as one of the top 30 companies in computer vision, as part of the same report linked above.

German AI Startup Landscape 2023

About appliedAI

appliedAI is Europe's largest initiative for the the application of AI, with a vision to shape Europe's innovative power in AI. For the last five years, appliedAI has been synonymous with AI in the EU - and has worked to ensure that Europe remains a competitor in the global AI leadership market.

appliedAI works on collaborative principles and has offerings in the following categories - AI Programs, Solutions and Services, and Partnerships.

This year, Isarsoft was featured in the Sixth Annual AI Startup Landscape for Germany - a comprehensive overview of Germany's startup scene in the AI domain, created to drive awareness about AI and facilitate partnerships between startups, companies, and governmental institutions.

Learn more about 2023's AI Startup Landscape in Germany and the methodology appliedAI uses for the overview here.



Looking to graphically view the top 508 startups in Germany in 2023? Download appliedAI's Startup Landscape in PDF form to see how participants have been split into categories by enterprise function, enterprise intelligence, technology type, and industry.

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Optimize your business processes.

Improve business processes with video-based business intelligence from Isarsoft.

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