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What is a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)?

June 1, 2024
Drive thru pick up kiosk

QSR is an abbreviation of the term 'quick service restaurant'. A quick service restaurant is an eatery categorized by its fast service.

There is limited seating and table service, owing to which there arises a natural requirement for queues. An example of this would be a fast food drive-thru, a food kiosk, or a pop-up shop functioning as an eatery. In all three examples, people (either on foot, or in cars) queue and wait their turn - moving forward at a steady pace.

Queue at a QSR
Queue Management is an important part of the customer experience at QSRs

This is where the implementation of video analytics can be considered useful - to regulate the flow of people, to reduce wait times, and to prevent overcrowding.

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